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Progressives’ beliefs center on justice

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  • Mar. 20, 2019 - 5:58 PM

Recently, the NTH published an opinion piece by Mr. Reed, where he claimed to be perplexed by Progressives, yet somehow possessed a 20-point window into our thinking.

I understand that it is difficult to identify with a platform that rarely breaks its way into national politics other than the occasional “Medicare for All” quip, so I wanted to set the record straight on what Progressives believe. We have two fundamental pieces of our platform that settle around the concept of justice.

Firstly, Progressives believe that in order for all Americans to have a fair shake, there must be a level of economic justice.  This doesn’t mean that we don’t believe in self-reliance and independence, but rather that the laws overwhelmingly favor the richest Americans.  There should be no greater evidence of this than the complete lack of accountability held to Wall Street and the big banks after the financial crisis.  One person was prosecuted and sentenced to jail. Meanwhile, the American taxpayer – the little guy – bailed out the banks that got us into the crisis. That’s not justice.  

Secondly, Progressives believe that there is no greater opportunity for justice in our democracy than by making it easier for Americans to vote. This doesn’t mean, as many on the right think, that we want non-citizens to vote in our elections. However, we do want American citizens to have easy access to their most important and fundamental right.  There can be no greater justice than that.

That’s what Progressives actually believe.

Bryce Remkes