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Wall emblematic of Trump’s presidency

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Feb. 21, 2019 - 7:26 PM

The President leads and we follow, all of us: elected officials, administrators, business people, ordinary citizens, even foreign governments.

Some resist along the way, but in the end, we follow his course. The direction and distance we travel are limited only by his imagination, intellect and leadership ability.

Some presidents dealt with the great issues of their times, like Washington, Lincoln and the Roosevelts. Modern presidents have confronted problems on the environment, natural disasters, health care, global economics, international relations, terrorism and war. Some succeeded, some failed, but each became engaged and gave his best.

Each also recognized, to varying degrees, the office transcends party lines.

Not so with President Trump. He’s proven to be a one-dimensional person with little curiosity, less courage and an average intellect whose only concern is appeasing his “base.” He communicates through Twitter. His time is spent watching TV and attending political pep rallies.

He refuses to engage meaningful issues requiring a level of sophistication, time and attention. Instead, he’s manufactured a crisis over a simple wall. Something easy to comprehend, support and tweet about. It is the signature issue of his presidency.

Other decisions he’s made have been haphazard and reactionary, not well reasoned or supported by facts. He’s a president who was cowed and put our country at risk because the “mean girls” on the radio hollered at him.

Whether the wall gets built or not is really of no consequence. There’s no emergency. It’s merely symbolic, and everyone knows why he’s doing it. It’s not like the $5.7 billion would be refunded to the taxpayers anyway. The political damage has been done, and Republican leaders realize it.

So let him declare an emergency, syphon the funds from another boondoggle, build the wall and end the issue. It’s past time we moved onto something of substance, until hopefully we end this embarrassment through the 2020 election.

Dennis C. O’Brien