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Sound Off

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  • Feb. 20, 2019 - 6:08 PM

Every Newnanite, especially those who rightly criticized Obama for his use of Executive Orders, should stand as one and condemn our President.

I came across a magazine put out by the Newnan Chamber of Commerce that ought to have been put behind one of those screens you see in front of the trashy tabloids in the checkout line.

Waiting for your announcement of the replacement of the Coweta “Rec” department manager. Very few could fill the outgoing manager’s shoes. Choose wisely and no political paybacks in this decision. PLEASE.

While some scare children and adults with McCarthyesque Socialism, Cowetans are seeing their refunds disappear and big companies paying zero taxes in the biggest redistribution of wealth in American history. Families going homeless, children going hungry in our "soaring" economy. Being told by the full-bellied that they should've saved more.

To hear some New York billionaire, who knows nothing about how real people live, tell prison guards, border agents, TSA agents to borrow groceries and take out loans so they can get through the shutdown he caused because he can't keep his campaign promises, is appalling.  

All the people who are not working because of the government shutdown: there is a simple solution. Live on your credit card and pay it off when you get paid. If you have no credit card, blame yourself whether it is bad credit or negligence.

LBJ's Great Society is working great, Mr. Thacker. Medicare means old folks can get medical care without having to buy dog food so they can afford it. The Civil Rights Act ensures every citizen's right to vote.  

Thank you, Paul Krugman, of the NY Times: "Put an unstable, ignorant, belligerent man in the Oval Office and he will do crazy things… government by a bad man is bad government. That's why Democrats won historically spectacular majority in midterm voting!”

It's a shame that now days racism is determined by whether your a Republican or a Democrat. People are aloud their own decisions without a racist reason.

Trump buddy Roger Stone has a tattoo of Richard Nixon on his back and is described as a "dirty trickster." You are the company you keep Donald. You are a con man, sociopath and you are SO GOOD you have deluded the American public, resign or impeach.