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Sound Off

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  • Feb. 14, 2019 - 7:42 PM

Matt Brass, “SOME believe that the amendment could be used to reduce current restrictions on abortions.” Really?

I don't know which is worse, Brass signing on to support a bill he knew nothing about, or withdrawing support for equal rights for women.  ...and this is our guy???

Sen. Matt Brass is not supporting Equal Rights Amendment for Women...please read in the Times-Herald his lame excuse! Please tell us WHO you are talking to to form such an opinion....not women for sure!!!

When your argument is based on a "hate group" designation by SPLC, an organization that is being sued by more and more groups falsely labelled as "hate groups," you may want to re-examine your life choices.

Dear Nancy Pelosi, as an arrogant, hypocritical, privileged, wealthy, out of touch west coast San Francisco elitist, whose home is surrounded by walls and armed guards, what gives you the moral upper hand of pontificating to mainstream Americans?

Why is it only Democrats want to go back to paper ballots? It’s not because it’s easier to cheat now is it?

If the camera never lies, how do you explain all those Godzilla movies?

About 250 of the so called congress would rather impeach Trump than protect The United States.

America is in trouble as so many vote as if they know nothing of history or Sharia law.

Wondering, after this small man has surrendered so much (25 bil. wall now 5 bil., willing to provide DACA protection, TPS, future negotiations) why can't we give him his useless, nonsensical, able to cut through a pine straw puny little slats? Symbolism?  When did Dems become the party of no?

Trump is nothing to be ashamed of. All of us have a crazy cousin or unstable uncle that you can't carry anywhere or leave by themselves. Have mercy.

Great laughs from Ocasio-Cortez’s inane comments, but what does that say about her electors? Winston Churchill said, “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”

OAC says climate change will destroy the earth in just 12 years, and that is almost a dozen, so we had better change our evil ways.

I don’t see anyone calling for open borders. If you mean the wall, the fact is it will give us none of the benefits claimed for it.

Why are republicans supporting a man that lies every day, degrades women, bullies men, attacks our friends, has no religion, works only for his interests and kneels to two of the worst dictators in the universe and our enemy? Is it because he has money and rep. worship the green?

The northern states need to activate their brain and learn what socialism/communism is - then maybe they would not be so strong to support what some of the politicians really want to do. Hands out and take your freedom.

If squirrels are eating your suet, try the hot pepper variety.

If a politician can't get his policy through his own party or the other party, it's a bad policy and deserves to die. No political policy is worth a government shutdown, robbing workers of honestly earned wages. Would you still work?