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An idea to solve the immigration issue

  • By Winston Skinner
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  • Feb. 13, 2019 - 9:55 AM

The government shutdown was based on one thing; Nancy Pelosi and the aging, old guard Democrats are trying to keep pace with their freshmen class of socialist-Democrat comrades and their populous messaging of impeaching President Trump and opening the borders for more government-dependent welfare class to run wild down Main Street America yelling, “Gimee, gimee, gimee” – in their native language, of course.

Allowing Trump to build a permanent wall/fence/barrier would perpetuate the Trump branding of everything he lays his hands on. Unlike Obamacare, that was dismantled by the next administration, a border barrier would be a constant reminder that Trump won, and no future administration will pull it up out of the ground once installed.
The casualty of this show-down was the 800,000 federal employees who had their pay postponed and struggled to face that “rainy-day” their mothers always talked about saving for, but why, it’s not like that sweet federal cheese would ever dry-up. They must have thought the printing presses of federal cash was like the 1980’s Doritos slogan, “Crunch all you want, we’ll make more.” 

And with five times as many unionized government workers compared to private sector employees, their unions do little to rectify the situation or compensate their members during the shutdown. It’s not like they can threaten a strike during a furlough as it would violate the Taft-Hartley Act of 1947. If I was a furloughed federal employee with eight hours a day of idle time, best believe I would be calling every member of Congress 10 times a day. Multiply that time 800,000 and see compromise blossom.
I have the golden idea to solve this shutdown where every politician can save face.

#1: Propose a bill for the president’s signature where a $10 billion block grant is given to the US Customs and Border Protection agency. They will be responsible for utilizing these funds to accomplish their mission of securing America’s border. If they need to hire more agents, fine, more technology, fine, more secured border barriers or fencing/where and how tall, fine. 

Keep out DACA and all the other immigration related policy issues to be decided by legislative committee and implement immigration law later. The Border Protection agency are “experts” in identifying the problem and how best to implement solutions to achieve border security, if provided the funding, without the help of politicians mugging for the camera and driving outside their lane of expertise.  

#2: Determine the financial impact (cost of one year of services) each illegal immigrant has on America and subtract that number times each immigrant from the foreign aid given to each respective country. The purpose of the foreign aid is to assist that country in bettering their economy to retain their citizenry and prosper. Failing to achieve this goal must have financial consequences to each corrupt recipient country.

Bottom line: Trump cannot lay claim to “the wall,” Pelosi cannot get amnesty for illegal immigrants without making it part of a bigger immigration bill. 
How about balancing the budget or at least have every federal union member reallocate their wasted union dues and invest in a money management class at the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University? 

Between the Wolf and rainy days, there’s always someone unwanted knocking at your door.

Lucas Pepperdine