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  • Jan. 23, 2019 - 10:16 PM

It's so bad that Fox is now fact-checking the President. Most of the speech was a lie, and 2.3 million Fox viewers saw it. So, the wall is useless- won't stop drugs. Immigrants cause less crime than non-immigrants. Thank you, Fox News. Turns out the stats weren’t liberal lies.

Seems someone in Newnan would have enough pull to have Clark Street repaired.

The 2019 legislative session begins Jan. 14. Has Rep. David Stover made his way back to the U.S. yet? Will he be going back to the UK as soon as the session ends in March? How is this OK?

We need walls at schools, churches, malls, movies, baseball fields, concerts, and night clubs to keep mentally ill white guys from shooting  up innocent Americans. Same as the border right?

5 Texas/Mexico border mayors and a Texas county judge told Trump before his spech that they need more security/staffing at border ports and the 5 billion dollar wall was unnecessary. Think T Rump listens?

What is wrong  with funding the US Government and  paying the workers first?

Then negotiate the issue of border security in a comprehensive fashion and reach a compromise. Problem is: you can't reason  with a mental midget/ toddler. No way!

We need walls at schools, churches, malls, movies, baseball fields, concerts, and night clubs to keep mentally ill white guys from shooting  up innocent Americans. Same as the border right?

FBI = "true crisis" in Puerto Rico with hurricanes Maria/Irma, struggling economy/gangs/violence that Trump has not repaired/reduced and T Rump's decision to stop FEMA funding for Calif. wildfires after deaths/damage! But 5B$ wall with 0 benefits

It's interesting that the same folks who hated Mr. Clinton because, well, you know (why repeat it in a newspaper), nominated Trump. What's sadder is Evan McMillan, a true conservative, would've been a great President. You had a choice. Reap what we sow.

Some casinos are actually taking bets on how many lies or misleading statements our President will make in a single televised addressed.

A California police officer was murdered by an illegal alien and aided by eight other illegals, all from a sanctuary city. Not one Democrat has condemned the act or questioned the illegal sanctuary policies which allowed this to happen.

No true barbecue fan is interested in anything grilled.

I bet I have the fattest squirrels in Coweta County. Not only do they steal my birdseed, but they also eat all of the suet blocks --- and steal the cages! Arrghh.

Democrats are a bunch of racists and haters of all that's fair or right they are cry babies who want to voice only their opinion and want everything gave to them.

Message from a Border Patrol Agent: Trying to secure the border using detection and surveillance technology without a physical barrier (wall), is like trying to secure your home with a Ring doorbell when the front door is missing.

Why do we need legislation to make mob lynching a crime? Lynching is murder, right?!  Perhaps the problem is what to do with all the spectators to the murder who do nothing to prevent it.

WOW! Government shutdown costing 13 billion a month for a wall totally unnecessary! Even I (not my president) didn't think Donald T Rump had an ego that big and damaging to others! He's true madness (mental illness)...what are we waiting for, impeach

Thanks for the great article about the Bomber Girls. So exciting to see them providing love and support to our military. Please donate cookies, or help with the cookie mailing to the troops Jan. 19. Contact Jackie at .

Before you ask taxpayers to submit to the TSPLOST, how about allowing liquor sales in Coweta County and using the considerable revenue we lose to surrounding counties?

There's no requirement that the government be shut down while congress deliberates the future of any barrier, whether it's a fence or a wall.  This is the first president in history to shut down his own government. My solution, establish a savings account, each time Mexico makes a deposit, congress agrees to match it.  Problem solved!

So white supremist terrorists are the greatest threat in the USA? Please tell that to all the crime victims in Chicago, Atlanta , Baltimore, Los Amgeles, etc. You know, the ones with Democrat mayors.

The only people that still believe the long disproven philosophy (yet suddenly new again) that there is a conflict between Freedom and Equality are those who believe some people have a right to more freedom than others.

Can the county please reline the entrance for the Thomas Crossroads Kroger on Highway 54? It needs to show which lane is for left turns and which lane is for right turns. This would definitely cut down backed-up traffic and driver frustration.

I have a solution for our border security problem. Just build the wall on the Mexican side and call it foreign aid.

A Federal gov’t shutdown is nothing new. Those affected by it should have stashed some funds away for this instead of whining about not getting paid. It’s called personal responsibility. Now they want unemployment. Are they going to repay the funds?

If you like getting your driver’s license renewed or going through TSA screening, you will love single payer government run healthcare.

Would some Congress person or Senator please step forward and submit a bill to have the next government shutdown only include the 3 branches of government and their high paid staffs in D.C., and they will not collect a salary retro-active of any missed days. I know, with all the elected impostors, I am dreaming.

Re: Minimum Wage. If a fast food restaurant has 5 employees and the restaurant sells an average of 50 items per hour, to give each a $1/hour raise, they would only need to raise the price of each item by 10 cents.

Not one more penny in additional sales tax until Coweta County approves countywide liquor sales. Why are we giving all of our revenue to Fulton and Fayette counties? If you want more taxpayer money, the solution is simple.

When we forget our history, our history of racial terrorism, of which Coweta played a part, it's easy to elect someone like Trump-the very antithesis of The Idea Of America- who uses the exact same rhetoric we would be familiar with, if we knew our history.

I was pleased to read Rev. Crotts' article on a Bible-reading church. Being Anglican, I accept as true the thirty-nine Articles of Religion, Article VI of which states that the holy scriptures contain all things necessary to salvation.

If members of Congress were added to the list of non-essential government employees, instead of TSA and Food Inspectors; I'll bet they would come together and pass a budget.