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Sound Off

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  • Jan. 11, 2019 - 10:20 AM

Closing the government equals several million dollars in lost revenue for U.S. parks, loss in IRS collections, money for back pay and comp equals an average loss of $1 billion a week, not to mention border guards, airport staff work without pay- stupid deal from deal-maker Trump!

Trump deserves his White House isolation. Wish he was banished to the island of Elba like person in history from whom he has inherited his psychiatric complex name. If you voted for him but don't know this, you still know more about history than Trump!

So is sleep deprivation going to be the next "crisis" that will require a massive new federal spending initiative? Sometimes I think these people lie awake nights just trying to think of new ways to expand government power.

Freedom is the key. The U.S. Constitution is based upon individual freedom. If the Constitution is eroded then freedom is eroded. Socialism is state enforced equality. Trading freedom for equality is a loser for all Americans and the world.

Wow! Filthy, vulgar language coming out of Congress AND the White House. CLEAN IT UP!

If it's illegal to aid and abet illegal aliens, then why are billions of taxpayer's dollars being approved by Congress to fund sanctuary cities?

Why do so many want to come to America? It’s freedom. Our individual freedom is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. Do not confuse socialism for freedom. It is not, it is state-decided equality. Think of that next time at DMV or through TSA.

When you raise the minimum wage for workers, you raise the cost of producing a product, so prices of that product need to go up. When prices go up, we need to raise the minimum wage again. There are no simple solutions for complicated problems.

Nancy Pelosi says that a wall at our southern border is immoral. Does the security walls around her mansions make her an immoral person?

The efforts and accomplishments of Gov. Nathan Deal allow Pres. Trump, Gas-Bag-In-Chief, to boast of strong growth numbers he had nothing to do with. Thank you, Governor, for your dedication, ability and strong ethical character over your two terms.