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Sound Off

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  • Jan. 10, 2019 - 1:27 PM

Sound Off

The Newnan Times-Herald

I've been a voter for 20 years (interested in politics a lot longer) and this is the very first time I have ever looked at the TSPLOST projects (provided by YOUR local paper).  Maybe I am what's wrong with politics.

Two weeks with no end in sight on the government shutdown. People working for nothing – at least for now. We should give thanks government workers are more dedicated than the president who is leaving them in limbo.

People working should not be on food stamps. It is very simple. Try two jobs and living within your means. Thousands do it, maybe not best car and cell phone would help.

I agree with Sound Off writers less on politics, more on what used to be a beautiful community in Coweta County. Now everywhere is getting so jammed up with buildings, houses, apts., etc. Newnan Crossing Boulevard looks like a tacky mess. 

More people are wanting to move to the country. Do we have any country left?

In response to “Where does Donald Trump go from here?” It’s time for Trump to show some greatness. Good luck with that. The greatest thing that Trump could do is resign. 

I moved to Coweta County in 2013. One of the first things I noticed on the main roads, as well as the back roads, was the amount of garbage (litter) that is always strewn about. Please take your disposable trash home with you!
America has always been great – it's the politicians that got smaller.
For the record: The Prison Reform Act (HR5682) was passed by a bipartisan vote of 226 Republicans and 134 Democrats. Georgia Representatives John Lewis, David Scott and Hank (Guam will tip over) Johnson voted NO.

Those who believe people who break immigration laws to come here aren't criminals really do not know the meaning of "breaking the law," do they?

Coweta County School System and Steve Barker should be ashamed of the condition of the East Newnan Road former school being leased to house the Head Start program. It is in horrible condition.

We all are here in this sinful world together. God is the only savior of man. 

The USA is home to more killers, domestic terrorists mind you, who have slaughtered more Americans than all other foreign terrorists combined. Fact is: White supremacist terrorists pose a greater threat to our nation's peace and tranquility than any other group anywhere. Look it up.

The Democrats have taken over the House. Have you noticed the Republicans aren't protesting, rioting, and looting over it? I guess that's just shows the difference between good and evil.

To only talk about Peron, a follower of Fascist Corporatism who railed against both International Capitalism and International Communism, and ignore Frondizi and the American-backed Juntas and their effect on Argentina's economy, is one-sided at best.

I’m sure killing people who lead high-speed chases would be illegal as “cruel and unusual punishment.” Do you have any other bright ideas?

When you raise the minimum wage, people don't work harder, but they have more money to spend. When they spend more, the demand for goods and services goes up, and prices go up.  The result is that money loses value, and the people need another raise.  

The left-wing socialist does not dare talk about all the positive accomplishments of Trump. It would completely destroy the socialist and they know it.

Someone should tell Barack and Michelle that that wall around their DC mansion doesn't work and the riffraff can still get in.

Joseph Goebbels’ quote about telling lies makes me think of Trump, not the DNC.

If we could buy these sound off opinions for what they are worth and sell them for what the writer believes they are worth, we could pay for a wall and many other good things that are needed.