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Sound Off

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  • Jan. 08, 2019 - 11:09 PM

Sound Off

The Newnan Times-Herald

If Trump wants a wall, he should get China to build it. Now there’s a country that knows how to build one!

It is absolutely mandatory that all the illegals criminals coming into this country must again mandatory go to the home of the left wing socialist, they want they now they must have them, house them in your house, feed them in your house.

Homeland security secretary (Old What's Her Name?) needs to own the good as well as the bad to teach Trump the meaning of integrity and show him what maturity looks like when dealing with the poor, the homeless, the hungry and marginalized unprivileged souls. Ouch!

It is the job of Congress to pass a budget, but the Republican leaders of Congress won’t draft a budget that they think Trump won’t sign. So the President is controlling the budget process.

Okay, so JFK planned to replace LBJ in the 1964 election; and Jackie Kennedy suspected Texan LBJ of murdering her husband, coincidentally 20 days after the assassination of the South Vietnamese president. LBJ was a Christian, and he did what he had to do for the good of  "HIS" country.

President Obama put up iron barriers to keep vets out of the WWII Memorial during his 2013 Shutdown. I guess Democrats do like walls sometimes.

Watch Beto ORourke's video – he lives in Texas – on Internet or Twitter to understand how stupid Trump's wall is. Trump is out of sync with real consequences of the wall which will hurt people, animals, land, commerce across borders, etc. IGNORANT!!!

I heard the Democrats reaction to the resignation of General Mattis, but they seem to forget that President Obama fired the General in January 2013 without even a phone call.

Shootings, another innocent young person has lost her life to a gun. Not just a gun a drive by shooting on an old street in Newnan. It is no longer NEWNAN, NOT NEWNAN!!! COUNT THE SHOOTINGS LATELY. I HOPE SOMEONE HELPS SOLVE THIS.

Does anyone know if CNN or MSNBC will be covering the inauguration of Ocasio-Cortez in January? Asking for a friend.