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Shots shatter the silence

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  • Jan. 16, 2019 - 5:26 PM

Shots shatter the silence of the night.

A young lady, minding her own business, in her own home
suddenly gone
a sudden, brutal reminder that
our existence is simply borrowed.
That which gave us this spark of life
can take it away... like that.

A family, a community, grieves
the deepest grief imaginable.
A child, a parent's only chance at earthly immortality,
an entire future

A community demands justice.
A lone person – a breath-stealer –
still enjoying the sweet breath of freedom, 
still walking our streets.
While a family, a community grieves.
(Please do the right thing.)

From the bottom of my heart
I hope for an ounce of decency, an ounce of courage
from a condemned person.
I hope for resolution, for closure,
for this stricken family.

I will hug and love my kids so tight... all the more.
Because one family in my community doesn't get to.
Because my kids’ existence is simply borrowed –
Liable to be called back home at any moment.

Cole McSpadden