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From greatest generation to liberal whining

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  • Jan. 30, 2019 - 5:57 PM

It has been but a short 77 years since the United States was attacked by Japan.

Then the great rush was on to enlist to fight for God, country and family. Americans were not going to take it. We were violated our skies invaded, Americans killed.

What did we do? We fought, and we fought hard to preserve our freedoms and our country. We won because our fathers and uncles and brothers and sisters fought for what was right, what was ours.

Today we are being invaded, and Americans killed everyday – 26,000 in the last four generations – by people who break our laws to get here. Many break our laws everyday. They contribute little to our country and society, but they take and take jobs, schooling, welfare, child care, medical care. Hey, they go to emergency get treated and walk out and let taxpayers pay.

Why don't you try it?

We pay their mothers here illegally to care for their own kids. We even have to hire interpreters to teach their kids in their native language. Pay any taxes – a joke, of course.

Go ahead, liberals. Whine about kids getting sick that their parents drug hundreds of miles without regard for their well being so they could try and break our laws and get in illegally. We did not send for them.

President Trump is trying to stop a lot of it, but the drunkard liberals whine. Maybe not drunk on alcohol all the time, but drunk on power. Votes are power to them. The more they get, the more drunk they get. To them, illegal votes are votes just the same.

I'll stand with my president, and I'll disavow Pelosi and Schumer and Waters and other liberals as being Americans. Our veterans suffer, and illegals live it up – get drunk on alcohol and drugs and kill Americans and liberals defend them. I guess families of those killed do not count to liberals. They will not even talk to them.

Illegals are their chosen people. Hey, liberals, how many are living in your homes?

What a shame, from the greatest to a bunch of Socialist whiners.

Winnon Gilley