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Few angels among us

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  • Jan. 16, 2019 - 5:33 PM

Few angels among us

The Newnan Times-Herald

This whole stupid government shutdown in Washington, D.C. reinvigorates my complete loss of faith in our “so-called” elected “leaders.”

A recent Grabien News article reported a list of government programs by a watchdog group who recommended cuts that would more than produce the $5.7 billion President Trump needs to build a border wall went like this:

The Rural Utility Service whose purpose, long since achieved, was to bring electricity to rural communities at $8.2 billion annually. The $6 billion in annual sugar subsidies that does little to curb this nation’s obesity problems.

In 2016 alone, the U.S. donated $10 billion to the United Nations whose nations do little to prevent tyrants but breeds contempt for their American hosts. And the whopper of them all is the $51 billion we spent in 2018 for foreign aid, that anyone would be hard pressed to show me where in the Constitution that American citizens are compelled to cough-up their hard-earned tax revenues to support corrupt foreign governments?

But my simple analysis of this government shutdown is not about finding money to spend on a border barrier. Those politicians can do that dancing backward in high heels. It’s really about the contempt for Trump and their effort depriving him of a campaign promise despite his basket full of successes.

I have long since removed my rose-colored glasses when it comes to the antics of persons in power.

Nearly 40 years ago I worked as a technician for a copy machine company. We were all called into an emergency meeting by the branch manager for a presentation by a regional vice president.

We were all pretty sure a few of us were going to be fired during this meeting. The branch manager, who believed in working hard and playing hard – actually mostly playing hard, introduced the vice president as we all nervously listened to his every word.

After a few minutes I remember leaning into a colleague and whispering, “Does this guy think he’s a comedian or something…this guy is hilarious?”

After 10 minutes went by and the sound of uncontrollable laughter filled the room, the branch manager couldn’t hold it any longer and fell out laughing, waving his arms and saying, “OK, OK…this guy is not the vice president. I got drunk last night at a comedy club in town and decided to pay this comedian $500 to cheer everyone up.”

Maybe not the most dignified way to behave like an executive with the company, but he was smart and financially successful, leading the branch to profitable numbers and national awards. Besides, we were really happy no one was getting fired.

I have been in support positions working for executives in positions of power in APD. Their personal lives and questionable social relationships were unimaginable considering their rank, yet these were just ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Few angels among us, mostly sinners struggling for forgiveness.

And I was fortunate enough to work for three years with President Carter’s Secret Service detail. The stories they told me from the presidencies of Reagan through George W.  were secrets that never made the press but proved the frailty of the human spirit…all the greatness and weakness, but mostly the humanity we all share.

There are many who I picture throwing themselves on the ground with their head of fire spewing hateful comments in the Sound Off page about Trump and his outlandish Twitter traffic. Must be the same folks that won’t be happy until they see the “deer-in-the-headlights” picture of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the dollar bill. Ain’t politics fun?

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