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America no longer free

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  • Jan. 18, 2019 - 9:21 AM

It is such a shame that America's people can be satisfied with not being free anymore.

Big government – actually the big bank owners – who allow you just enough to get by on are in charge of you, your freedoms, your money, your body. All you have left is your soul. And many have given that up for pleasures, caring little for tomorrow.  

The government can take your house, land, car, money or any physical possession which you think you own at any time. If you doubt this you haven't been paying attention.

Our government's debt is a farce as the Federal Reserve prints money to suit the banking cartel and the few who run the world and control all. Surely our congress is a useless front as they have allowed the United States of America to become a broken nation which disregards its own people in favor of illegal trespassers.  

The two major parties share the blame as neither seems to correct anything. They just keep on getting from 2.385 to 3.71 million dollars for office expenses and help plus their salary and benefits.  

The millions of costs vary relative to their state population. Can you see why they lie and cheat to keep the cushiony positions? Many become members of this elite group with few assets but end up being multi-millionaires.

We sit around and fuss with each other, just getting by, with very few continuing to help and believe in the only person in my adult life who has the intestinal fortitude to fight the system.  

He has suffered more abuse, lost more than one billion of his own dollars while working 18-20 hours daily in an attempt to make America great again while the swamp has 30-40 wanna be's panting in urgency to replace him and destroy the progress he has made and keep us in slavery.

Our government prior to Mr. Trump has lost – misplaced – estimated by some to be between 20-50 trillion dollars. This is all available if you do the research. I found it on the Internet so it has to be true.

Keith Crosby