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Why not join the winning team?

  • By Winston Skinner
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  • Dec. 06, 2018 - 11:46 AM

Just loosen the brain.

I know it is difficult to imagine a Democrat president accomplishing half of the good President Trump has in his brief tenure, but if it could be, the media, Swamp Dwellers and the so-called ordinary people who support Dimms would be parading, shouting, writing, bragging and walking on air in their glorious joy. They would tout his success in a manner never before seen or heard, but it happens to be a Republican with so little congressional help and constant fault-finding radical extremists, rioting, burning, lying and total rejection by those so afraid to think of a free Country where they lose government handouts, control of Schools, fear of individualism, responsibility, God, Bible, guns and a strict SCOTUS ruling on The Constitution's intent of the Founding Fathers.

Mr. Trump is constantly accused by many, fake media journalists, their guests, ignorant citizens and possibly a few who just hate, of lying, yet no one to my knowledge has accurately quoted any lie he made. The wall is in progress, though he has done it alone, Mexico will pay for it in trade adjustments and the fact that keeping illegal law breaking trespassers out will save enough tax money to cover the cost in a few years.

Those who call him racist need to look up the meaning of the word. There is absolutely no evidence of racism in anything he has ever done. He is just exceptionally brilliant, and I know that hurts some of you very much.  He is protecting the sovereignty of our Country. 

I know the fear of change and political loss is difficult for some to deal with and the last two years have plainly shown the low, dirty, unfounded and ridiculous rhetoric and actions by those who can't handle such is creating the division in America.

Why not join the winning team and be a part of Keeping "America Great?"

Keith Crosby