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Sound off

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  • Dec. 04, 2018 - 5:11 PM

Sound off

The Newnan Times-Herald

They run for office, lose, and then complain as if the only possible reason they didn't win is because somebody else cheated. And they'll be back wanting our vote again in a future election. Please go away.

Loved Lawrence Reed’s column about truth. Hope someone shares it with the president.

Shoot First Declare Insanity: A Sharpsburg woman pulls a gun over blown leaves, news. Discourteous drivers fire shots over road etiquette, news. Radical, Right-wing White National/Supremacists; Neo-Nazi Terrorists have killed more Americans than all other terrorists worldwide and conservative Republican sympathizers are incredibly silent. Nothing. Insane.

George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush gave us an example of the best of America.

I’m a lifelong voter for 55 years (Admittedly Democratic for part of those years) The change was necessary to keep America. I expect my political choices to take charge and help America and Americans. 

Trump may be rude, crude and gets much disrespect from liberals, but he is the man we chose and is working hard to fulfill his promises. I am honest with myself every day.

Crooked Trump is finally caught in his lies. He’s conducting OUR country business like he’s conducting his own ...dishonestly. Lock him up... LOCK HIM UP

Lawyer Cohen states Trump doing business with Russians after elections, Feds taking over 12 year property lawyer files in attempt to decrease Trump's taxes ... Tricky Richard Nixon had nothing on Trump... ultimate con artist, sociopath, pathologic .

Pastor Tamarkus Cook, after being brutally attacked, should have put those shots he fired in the air to ward off a returned assault, into the chest of the perpetrator. Brotherly love requires no firearm; defense against serious bodily injury or death does. Refine your shooting skills at the range, preacher.

The Three Wise Men didn't find the Baby Jesus in Bethlehem, lying in a manger.  They found the child a year or two later in a house in Nazareth (Matthew 2:11).  Nativity scenes showing the wise men at the manger are okay because of something called "artistic license." 

Regarding the hypothetical Israeli refugee boat, we would probably just turn them away like we did with the St. Louis back in 1939. Of those 937 refugees, 254 went on to be murdered in the Holocaust.

An estimated 90 percent of an iceberg is below the surface and because of density when melted the sea water will not rise but possibly fall. If every land glacier on Earth melted science estimates seas would rise 17 inches. America, clean, other countries pollute.

The perjury trap Trump faces is unavoidable. It is of his own making by-the-way. The reason he lies repeatedly is because: "If he tells the truth, he incriminates himself. Then when he lies, he perjures himself because he is unbelievable." (Verifiable through fact checker.) Stop talking and the lies cease. 

A teenager steals a car and kidnaps a child in Coweta County. He is caught, thanks to a tip from someone. Please – lock him up for life!!