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Sound Off

  • By Clay Neely
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  • Nov. 30, 2018 - 9:32 AM

Sound Off

The Newnan Times-Herald

If you live on Newton Road, don't trust the 3-way stop on Macedonia Road. Yesterday I observed eight cars going through the stop from east to west in one hour at 30 to 50 mph. This morning I observed an accident when a truck was stopped and was rear-ended.

How does one perjure oneself telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Hummm… Questions are the answer. Are you lying now or were you lying then?

The CZ immigrant column by W.J. Butcher was wonderful. His Atlanta Police Department years resulted in his obtaining much wisdom.

In the writer’s rendition of “Sound Off Rules” in (11/21) Wednesday’s paper as to the “editor’s descretion unless you are a Democrat spewing lies”? Is “descretion” a new entry for spell check,  a new political inclination or another example of our public education system authenticating opinion as a fact?

Immigration is at a 14-year low, yet immigration reform was scuttled twice by "The GOP Base" just so it can remain an issue. As for DACA kids: no criminal record, among nation's best and brightest. Crime is lower in immigrant communities than non-immigrant.

There is no reason for the ginned-up hatred against immigrants in 2018 except plain-old naked racism. Sorry, but true.

Two people settle their dispute with guns, the way God and the NRA intended (or so a little Foxy told me), and some random commenter has to talk about hoards of "thug trash" invading our beautiful, white county. Interesting how "thug" has come to replace a certain word.

Bama and Clinton should follow the example of Bush and remain silent. We didn't care what they said while they were in office, and we surely don’t care what they say now. Just not interested in socialism, period.

If this is a sane world, every person that voted for Abrams would be voting for Barrow between now and next Tuesday. I fear it's not a sane world and half of the people who voted in November will stay home in December.

I have a wall of leaves in my yard Republicans need to send to the border. Sure beats Trump's razor wire, tazers, bullets, and tear gas that he's lobbing on children there. This country should be very ashamed of his, and, unfortunately our behavior!

According to the can-a-thon story, they’re getting too much soup, too much corn, too many green beans… when did beggars get to be choosers? What would our food pantries like next, caviar and smoked salmon?

Hmmm...let’s imagine: Tensions escalate between Palestine and Israel. War breaks out and the Israeli people are facing starvation, execution, and poverty. A boatload of them come to U.S. seeking asylum. Wonder if orders would be to fire tear gas at them?

Oh for goodness sake, NOBODY is taking away your right to say “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Hanukkah,” or anything else. “Season’s Greetings” just acknowledges that not everyone celebrates in the same way!

Facebook willingly shared 87 million user information with Cambridge Analytical and could not prevent "another" data hack of over 50 million user’s personal information, yet idiots continue to use this reckless/unsecured media site. Doing the same thing over and over hoping for a different result only proves you insane.

Approximately ½ mile of LaGrange Street south of NHS has been in terrible shape for months. New potholes every week and poor patching. The dude in charge won’t return calls or emails. Get out of the “silk stocking neighborhoods” and give the real hard-working citizens a paving contract.

Republicans complaining about whining Dems (while whining themselves) have become little Trumps, whining about everything, lying, making up stuff, because they don't know what's really is going on.