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Provisionals won't affect Grantville race

  • By Sarah Fay Campbell
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  • Nov. 10, 2018 - 11:35 PM

Provisional ballots won’t be changing the results of Grantville’s City Council election.

There were three outstanding provisional ballots from Grantville. And only one vote separated Jim Sells from Willie Kee in the race for a council seat. Sells, a former mayor, received 261 votes to 260 votes for Kee, the incumbent.

But none of those three ballots will count, according to Coweta Elections Superintendent Jane Scoggins.

One ballot was cast by a voter who arrived at the wrong precinct. When a voter is at the wrong precinct and can’t get to the correct one, a provisional ballot can be cast. But only those races that apply to both the voter’s correct precinct and the precinct where the ballot was cast will count, and the ballot was cast in Newnan, according to Scoggins.

The other two ballots were absentee ballots that were flagged because signatures on the ballot, the ballot request and the voter registration card didn’t match.

When there is a mismatch, voters are contacted to correct the issue. Under a court order issued a few weeks ago, any signature mismatch ballots must be treated as provisional ballots. Voters had until 4:30 on Friday to come to the Coweta Voter Registration office and prove their identity. But neither of the two Grantville voters did.

“They have received letters. They have received phone calls,” Scoggins said Friday afternoon.

The provisional ballots were counted on Saturday, and Scoggins certified the election on Saturday, as well.

Once the election is certified, Sharpsburg’s new mayor and council member, Blue Cole and Tom Teagle, and new Newnan Councilman Paul Guilliame will be free to take office. All three are filling seats that are currently vacant.

Cole and Teagle are set to be sworn in at Monday’s Sharpsburg Council Meeting, which begins at 6 p.m.

Guilliame said Friday that city officials haven’t determined whether he will be sworn in at the Nov. 13 council meeting or on Nov. 27.