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Newnan filled with selfless people

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Nov. 20, 2018 - 7:04 PM

In this time of gratitude, I want to thank a few of the people of Coweta County who embody the ideals of selflessness and service.

Throughout the year, these individuals, and many others in our great community, touch people’s hearts and make a real difference. I am inspired by each of their stories because they serve throughout the year – not just during this season of giving. I also imagine that these unsung heroes – like the rest of us – are holding down day jobs and raising families. Yet, they still step up and help their neighbors in profound ways. 

I want to thank Debra Harris and all the people who work with her at Ignite the Fire. They courageously prayed through the streets of Newnan the night before the Rally and blessed Greenville Street Park, along with Chief Buster Meadows, shielding our city and its law enforcement professionals with the indomitable power of love as they faced the unknown the next day.

That was not the first nor last time Ignite the Fire made a difference. Whether it’s with prayer tunnels for our law enforcement or praying for a safe school year on the first day, Ignite the Fire is always there to provide our community with the example of prayerful service. Thank you.

I want to thank people like Carolyn Harrison and Ashley Crabtree who took the scariest times of their lives – persevered through them – then, with the great power of empathy and compassion- formed a group, the NICU parent club, to help other parents who face the uncertainty of seeing their little precious baby fighting for survival. This is quiet heroism. This is how any of us can make a positive change in people’s lives. This is Love in Action. Thank you.
May I tell you the story of Octavia Geter because she is the pure example of turning unspeakable tragedy into everlasting triumph? Take one moment to imagine walking through her shoes. How would you have reacted? She saw her mother, Stephanie Marie Houston, murdered in front of her the day before her 13th birthday. Innocence irrevocably shattered. So many people have faced less and have turned to anger or to drugs. However, through the power of family support and touched by the spirit of Love, this heroine turns her tragedy into something that impacts the lives of so many. Love marching forward touching hearts that have felt the unspeakable sorrow that comes from losing a mother to domestic violence. Thank you.

Every day I am amazed at the quiet heroism of the people of Newnan. Restaurants giving equipment to first responders, first responders and churches and truck drivers donating to storm victims, a church donates shoes to every single child at a school. Not to mention all the people behind charities like BTG and One Roof. The list goes on and honestly, by mentioning a few, I am leaving out so many. I just want to say thank you for giving my children role models to look up to right here in our own hometown.
Also, thank you to The Newnan Times-Herald for sharing these stories. I would not know who to thank without you and your hard work.

Cole McSpadden