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Deregulation not worthy of praise

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  • Nov. 28, 2018 - 9:29 PM

I wish people would stop giving Trump credit for deregulations as if it were a good thing.

It's not. Deregulations will increase global warming. According to the National Climate Assessment, a report released by the Trump administration, scientist are more certain than ever that climate change poses a severe threat to Americans' health and pocketbooks. The report also states that climate change is real, the average global temperature has already risen 1.8 degrees and sea level have increased 8 inches. The report also claims that it is certain that climate change is "man made." They found no other factors that could explain the rise in temperatures.

While this doesn't seem to bother most people and many believe that the trade off for jobs is worth it, the fact is the economy was improving under Obama, despite regulations to protect the environment.

But if we continue as we are, this is what you can expect by mid century thru 2100:

The Southwest could see 45 more days of 90 degree temperatures, Heat causes more deaths in the United States than the combined effects of hurricanes, lightning, tornadoes and floods. Extreme heat will cause the United States to lose 2 billion labor hours, causing approximately $160 billion in lost wages.

High temperatures will expand the effect of disease carrying insects such as Zika, West Nile and Dengue. The cases of West Nile will double, costing 1 billion dollars in hospitalization. The heat will also increase incidents of allergic illnesses like hay fever and asthma and will lengthen the pollen season.

Greenhouse gas emissions will result in $230 million in losses for the U.S. shellfish industry.

Sea levels could rise as much as 6 feet and would cause $106 billion worth of real estate to be lost. Rising sea levels will put Gulf Coast refineries at risk of flooding.

Extreme temperatures will increase wildfire season by 80 days.

By mid century Alaska's temperature will increase 4-8 degrees costing 3.3 to 6.7 billion dollars

A good economy is not worth the suffering we will endure if we continue to destroy the environment. And there is no evidence that regulations cost jobs.

There is hope though, as there are lots of successful pilot programs that have come out. But we need leadership to get the rest of the country to follow these examples. We must urge our senators and representatives to encourage this administration to put back the regulations that helped prevent these things from happening.

Barbara Grosse