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Coweta schools remind parents of inclement weather procedures

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  • Nov. 10, 2018 - 4:56 PM

As winter approaches and brings with it a greater possibility of inclement weather, Coweta school officials say they want parents to be aware that severe weather procedures already are in place.

During severe weather watches and warnings, the Coweta County School System works with local authorities to monitor conditions and makes decisions regarding arrival and dismissal based upon known conditions, making adjustments as needed.

Parents can ensure they are notified of any changes to regular school days by updating their contact information with their children’s schools. They also should ensure backup or emergency contacts are up to date.

In the event that school is delayed or closed – or students are released early – notifications will be made by:

Automated phone call (OneCallNow)

Media outlets (television, radio and media websites)

District website (

Twitter (@CowetaSchools)

When severe weather forces school closures, school officials will determine on a day-to-day basis whether to keep schools closed or delay their opening based on anticipated travel conditions and other safety factors. Once a decision is made, the school system will notify parents and the community as quickly as possible.

However, storm severity, weather arrival and anticipated travel conditions can be difficult to assess. If the school system cannot make a final determination on the evening before a school day, a determination early the following morning is necessary. Notices are typically placed on the system’s website – – that the school system is continuing to evaluate conditions. The school system will notify parents immediately once a determination to close or delay school is made.

Parents will be notified of the length of any delay in school openings. For a delay of two hours, for example, parents and students should assume that all normal school procedures are delayed two hours. Bus pick-up is two hours from usual times and classes will start two hours later, while school dismissal times would remain the same (2:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.).

If an inclement weather situation delays school dismissal, the Coweta County School System will notify parents about conditions, the length of any delays or any changes to normal operating procedures.

Other weather-related tips:

Extremely cold morning temperatures can cause delays on morning routes. A severe storm watch may also cause delays. The transportation department will work to pick up students as quickly as possible under those conditions. 

During tornado warnings, buses are re-routed to the nearest school sites and shelter in place, or to fire stations, if necessary. Once a tornado warning has been lifted and conditions are safe, bus service will resume. 

Parents should ensure children are dressed as warmly as possible during the winter months and remain with children until they are picked up during extreme weather conditions.

During closures, parents and students can keep up with school work and assignments using Remind texts from teachers, Google Classroom, class websites and other online content assigned by teachers.