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Sound Off

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  • Oct. 09, 2018 - 11:50 PM

Kavanaugh reality check: Nominated by a president who may be guilty of federal crimes. Credibly accused of sexual assault by multiple women. Repeatedly and demonstrably lied under oath. Gave unhinged, belligerent, conspiratorial testimony.

Amendment Two is a bad idea: It would create a statewide business court to be used under certain circumstances. The amendment would allow the governor to appoint judges, and those judges would not have to stand for election. But judges should be responsible to the people, not the governor. Vote “no” on this one.

Teachers, beware of that empty Kemp promise. The Republican governors in Georgia have trickled out coins to public school teachers while diverting as much as possible to other entities that benefit their wealthy friends.

Seriously, today Trump is saying that what he said originally is not true and that he did know about the meeting but nothing was illegal about it. Which lie are we to believe today?  Ewww....Hold your nose and run like "the wind.”

If you turn to Jesus it will slow down the years and your life will be longer. Living in sin puts you in the fast lane. Come to Jesus and slow your mustang down. 

In reply to the letter to the editor “On any given Sunday”: What a crock of bull! You didn’t have to use so much space in the paper just to say “I love Trump.”

Trump said it's a bad time for boys or men if they can be accused of something they said they didn't do. He forgot to say it's even worse for women, girls, mothers or sisters if they get assaulted by men, because they'll be assaulted again – by our president, no less.

TV not worth watching unless you need a pillow, mattress cover, lawyer or some drugs.

We see it every day how men think they can get away with whatever they want, especially if they have money. Now they have the protection of the president. Or is he protecting himself?

It’s crazy watching people use God's name in vain to support an angry drunk to be a Supreme Court justice. Conservatives used to stand for something. What happened?

Love the painted windows for Newnan High homecoming in downtown Newnan. There are so many great organizations involving our young people.

I have to laugh when I read all the comments made with such certainty about POTUS and Putin and Russian collusion.  They must have incredible source to have received such secretive reports.  If Putin is so bad why did Clinton hit the reset button.  Why did Obama laugh when Mitt Romney said Russia was our greatest threat? Why was Obama caught on open mike telling Putin wait until I'm re-elected then we can really do somethings... Narrow minded, uninformed populist is our greatest threat.

Note to liberals, civic reformers and other do-gooders: people have the right to say no – and sometimes it's because you DID explain yourself clearly.

Someday we are all going to a new way of life from this one. If you want to move to a better life, you need to get your life right with Jesus Christ. People, this is no joke. Get your life right with Jesus before it’s too late.

It shocks the conscience to watch the hate-filled behavior of the Democrats on the Senate's Judiciary Committee. Their showing of downright cruelty and malice convinces me even more deeply that Judge Kavanaugh is doing God's work.