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Small government, conservative Republicans a dying breed

  • By Winston Skinner
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  • Oct. 25, 2018 - 12:49 AM

To anyone who is paying attention to the midterm elections, traditional conservatives are left with some frustrating options.

In fact, the Republican party has been so hijacked by the tribal Trump wing of the party that it can no longer call itself conservative.

The vast majority of Republicans in Congress, about two thirds, are white men over the age of 50. Left with the reality that the Republican party is more and more represented by a smaller and smaller group of potential voters, the party has now resorted to looking for other ways to win elections. 

In her recent book, “One Person, No Vote,” professor Carol Anderson paints a picture of Brian Kemp as the “master of voter suppression.”  Under the false assumption that there is massive voter fraud taking place, Mr. Kemp has used a system called “Exact Match” to look for any kind of typographical error that could be used to disqualify the voter and leave them in electoral limbo. Using this method, Mr. Kemp has blocked 53,000 people from the voter rolls.  Records show that African-Americans make up 70 percent of the rejected applicants.

If that was not enough, our election systems are rigged by these same people who design voting districts to continually elect the same party. This gerrymandering further distorts our faith in the election process and further divides us as a nation. This corruption is at the heart of our divided politics.

Our current political leaders can talk all they want about being more “conservative” than the Democrats who are running, but voters see their behavior and what they value in the budgets that they approve. They tout the need for a balanced budget while they give the defense department an extra $97 billion more than they requested. They think nothing of spending $25 billion on a wall that will have no effect on our immigration problems … while they cry about the urgent need to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. 

Many Republicans today are no longer conservative.  Otherwise, they would have never passed a tax reform bill that added $1.5 trillion to our nation’s debt. We need to pay attention to what they spend money on to understand their real values.

What about the call for smaller government? The current administration is putting forth candidates and judges who plan to challenge a women’s right to control her own medical decisions and leave us with the old days of women having to go to motels to have an unsafe abortion. This is big government intruding on the lives of women. 

Brian Kemp and Drew Ferguson are racing to see who can embrace these big government policies that would have been thought of as unthinkable to any conservative a decade ago. The recent trade war with China is a policy that no real conservative would have agreed to in the past.

So if you are going to vote for a Republican who supports the policies of the Trump administration, you can assume that you are voting for a big-spending, big-government politician that would be better described as a “Liberal.”

Focus on the behavior and not the labels!

David Klepinger