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School board vote a victory for seniors

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  • Oct. 16, 2018 - 6:31 PM

Senior taxpayers who own homes have scored a victory on Oct. 9 when the Coweta Board of Education voted to enhance the amounts given to senior citizens as tax credits.

These credits have been on the books for 15 years and have eroded in value due to rising cost of living over the years. BOE Chairman Larry Robertson is to be commended for the careful study of the issue over the last eight months and  his leadership putting forth the motion to make the change.

Additionally we can see in this that Coweta county can be viewed as " tax friendly" which is a reputation that helps everyone. Our thanks also goes out to the many citizens, young and old, who have stepped up to support this request , Dr. Barker and his staff, the business community, the local legislators who offered encouragement and the board members who listened to us in every meeting over the past eight months. Although there are still significant steps to take to make this a complete reality next year, this essential vote gets us closer. 

I do hope also that citizens, boards of education and legislators can promote as a statewide issue a comprehensive look at tax revenues coming out of the homeowner's pocket to fund education Prior to age 66, more than 60 percent of your tax bill can be school tax. Maybe a statewide sales tax collected and returned to the local boards of education to drastically reduce or even eliminate school taxes by homeowners is the answer. Careful study is needed by the legislature but surely a better and fairer answer is out there.

Thanks you BOE for taking this action to help our senior taxpayers.

Jeff Binion