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Jane Keith and the 8 PIGS

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  • Oct. 17, 2018 - 4:05 PM

Miss Jane and my Mother, Frances Cleveland, were great friends.

There was a group of ladies from Newnan who “golfed” and loved to travel together to play in tournaments around the Southeast. Pawleys Island was a favorite, but they were known to roam from South Carolina to Florida to Alabama for a good game of golf for good causes – cancer Research and other charities.

This group had been together for a long time. I remember Momma being so proud when self service gas stations came about. The ladies each got out and did the different functions that gas station attendants once did.

Mrs. Parkie Lee checked the oil. Someone else pumped the gas, and someone washed the windshield. They traveled in two cars at the time.

They played bridge at night at whatever accommodations they had – often someone’s family beach house or other relatives  in the area. This was a joy in these women’s lives and, as a daughter, I was thrilled with how much good these ladies did enjoying some of their pleasures in pursuit of giving back to the community.

Eventually my parents got a converted van and everyone could ride together. Later came a box trailer to tow behind with golf clubs and suitcases. These ladies in their 60s, 70s and 80s – whether they would admit it or not – were traveling the roads of the South in joy and fellowship.

They did fine wrangling this collection of metal down the highways. I am sure Fannie Flagg – or my sister author Jean Cleveland – could write a book about the NCC ladies and their golfing adventures. (I mean - have YOU ever tried to back up a large van WITH and attached trailer?)

It came to time to get new tags for the van, and Momma wanted to get a Vanity Plate. The husbands all had a fit – how could these genteel ladies of Coweta County go riding down the highways and byways with THAT on a tag??

I told her that the men were just jealous of the ladies. You see – this was the pet name that these ladies called themselves because they Loved their time at Pawleys Island so much.
I guess you had to know them to really get the joke.

8 PIGS was the tag. Eight Pawleys Island Girls.

Somewhere they are all meeting up again, those 8 PIGS. Laughing, frolicking and giggling as youngsters. They are welcoming Miss Jane Keith home.

I tear up when I think of them all getting back together with their husbands, some children and many friends.

Would that we all could be able to find such a wonderful group friends in this life as those ladies did. They are all missed here for the love of their community, their work while still having a good time and their joy that they shared with so many.

RIP, Miss Jane. Hope you are getting to cook up a storm with all of those scrumptious recipes you shared with so many of us.

Mary Frances Cleveland Jr.