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Furnishing the mind

  • By Winston Skinner
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  • Oct. 25, 2018 - 12:50 AM

Imagine the mind and a house, both empty, needing furnishing. As you plan to use the home furnishings, for quite a while you shop several stores and choose the best your pocketbook affords. 

Your mind will probably be with you much longer than the home furnishings, yet many spend less time and effort furnishing their mind than they did furnishing the house. 

So much is available to furnish the mind, more choices here than a furniture store. Still some fill the mind with junk and seem to let education, morals, responsibility, independence, loyalty, honesty, God, family and Country never enter their minds. 

We have two distinct groups. One group of the above described constantly complain, riot, burn, interrupt in an effort to relate to the other group that President Trump is destroying the World. 

The other group of deplorable, gun-loving, Bible-Thumping, hard-working, tax-paying, charitable American patriots are aware that the world being justly destroyed is the first group’s world while Trump is saving the deplorable Constitutional World.

I so much want a world saved. Do you? Which one? The choice is yours. But you cannot help save it sitting on your hiney and not becoming active. 

Keith Crosby