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Coweta crime briefs for Oct. 25, 2018

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  • Oct. 25, 2018 - 7:19 AM

Coweta crime briefs for Oct. 25, 2018


Osvaldo Enrique Llado, Louis Hardy

Wednesday morning, police arrested a man suspected of biting a co-worker.

Last August, an employee with Olive Garden told police she was working late with other co-workers along with a cook who was known to harasses other co-workers while on shift.

The victim stated the cook, identified as Osvaldo Enrique Llado, approached her, lifted her up, and took her to the women’s restroom where he placed her on a toilet stall and proceeded to bite her right arm.

The victim stated she then left the stall and didn’t speak about the incident until she returned home.

The victim told police during the incident, Llado did not threaten her or make any sexual remarks, but also stated this is not the first time that Llado had bitten a co-worker. Police observed a bite mark on the victim's right arm, but no skin tear or bleeding her arm. The victim refused to be seen by EMS.

Police spoke with the victim’s parent who stated she just found out about the incident and plans to meet with the manager about the situation.

Llado, 31, was arrested on Wednesday and charged with battery, kidnapping and false imprisonment, according to police reports.  

Sunday morning about 1:30, members from the Newnan Police Department and the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office responded to the SouthTowne dealership in reference to theft.

Police located a man who ran from officers and was captured across the street at the Wells Fargo Bank.  The man, identified as Louis Hardy, had reportedly broken into several cars in the parking lot of the dealership.

Video surveillance footage showed Hardy being dropped off by a truck pulling a car hauler at the exit of the dealership near the Old Navy.

Hardy was seen busting the sunroof on the GMC truck and later removing a license plate. He also removed keys from a lockbox on a used Cadillac to gain entry into the car, which he drove around the lot.  

He then drove a GMC truck to the rear gate before smashing a window out of a Hummer and removing the radio, which was located in the back of the GMC truck.

Hardy, 32, was charged with entering auto to commit theft and theft by taking. Police are still looking into more suspects involved in this incident.

Monday evening around 7, police responded to Kohl’s in reference to a shoplifting in progress.

Officers spoke with store personnel who observed three females with a toddler had entered the store with an empty bag, but after leaving the dressing room, the bag was full. They were seen attempting to return items, but they did not have valid identification, so they continued shopping.

The women continued taking items and putting them in a car without looking at the price or fit. They attempted to return the items again but were denied for lack of valid ID.

After one female left the store to get something out of her car, she noticed three patrol cars parked in the lot. After returning inside, she spoke with the other two women and began emptying their carts, but left the store with one partially full cart without paying.

All three women were stopped outside and determined to have over $400 worth of unpaid merchandise. Two of the women said the items they were returning were from a baby shower.

The two women were arrested for shoplifting and taken to the Coweta County Jail. The third, a minor, was released with the toddler to a family member.