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Waiting for someone to represent 3rd District

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  • Sep. 14, 2018 - 4:17 AM

I have always been interested in politics, but I have never been brave enough to publicly support a candidate.

Never wrote an editorial, never helped a campaign. Like many of us, I have been trained to be cynical about politics. So, I never lifted anyone up – but, I was always ready to tear them down when they got into office and did not live up to their promise.

I almost publicly supported a man a couple of years back. Outside of Tamarkus Cook, an awesome candidate who lost his primary by a mere 47 votes, one candidate stood out. There was one grown adult who was not bragging about his boot size on stage. We, the voter, could look at the turn-around in West Point and say “their mayor deserves to represent the 3rd district.”

Two years later, I am still waiting for someone to represent our district.

Our congressman spends more time in the swamp than here in his district. Has he ever been to Newnan? I know he didn’t care to show up when the Nazis came to town. I know he hasn’t had a town hall. I know he refuses to do interviews with the local papers. I know he doesn’t answer constituent’s mail or calls. I hear he refuses to even debate in this race. He's taking YOUR votes for granted.

One man did show up when the Nazis came to town. Even though he was running for Congress, he did not take this opportunity to grandstand. Yet, he stood with us – his community – just the same. Every event I went to– St. Smyrna, Newnan Strong, The Chalking, Prayer Rallies, Peace in the Park – Chuck Enderlin and his family were there. 

I’ve gotten to know Chuck Enderlin. I encourage everyone to check out his website, watch his videos, call his campaign and ask him questions.

Unlike our current “representative,” Chuck will actually respond. He is an Eagle Scout Marine fighter pilot who has lived a lifetime embodying the very idea of servant leadership. Further, I am always impressed by his consistency of message. I’ve seen him talk to farmers, businessmen, churches, Democrats and Republicans.

His message is always consistent, even if the audience does not want to hear what he has to say. That takes courage. It is a type of courage that can only be found in a person with a deep moral compass. His unshakable values were instilled by his parents, his church, and the Scouts. He has been tested on the battlefields of Afghanistan. Major Enderlin continues his service as a reservist training the next generation of fighter pilots. 

Now he wants to bring that deep commitment to servant leadership to Washington as our representative. This is a rare chance for the 3rd District to be represented by a truly exemplary person.

Cole McSpadden