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Strong school system is foundation of a great community

  • By Winston Skinner
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  • Sep. 13, 2018 - 4:40 PM

As newcomers to Coweta County, one of the highlights for my family in coming to this

community has been the quality of the Coweta County School System. 

In our years growing up, my wife and I were students in multiple school systems, moving, as most did, where our parents’ careers took us. Like us, our 13-year old son has experienced the same. 

In 2019 he will enter his eighth school when he enters high school at Newnan High. One of the great benefits for our move here has been the quality, management, and resources of the school system. 

A strong educational system is a must for a thriving community, and critical for me and my family. I knew of Coweta County’s reputation for a strong school system in our move here. But numbers and reputation don’t tell the complete story.

The leadership of our school system is the most professional and engaged team I have had the
pleasure of working with. Dr. Barker, the school board, school administration, and teaching
staff work seamlessly in promoting education and learning for our young people. 

I’ve been extremely impressed with Dr. Barker’s engagement with resources in the community. The level of commitment from local and business interests is simply outstanding. 

Through these integrated resources, the focus on our students goes beyond curriculum and facility resources, but also includes mentoring, health and fitness, social and family needs that work to eliminate achievement gaps that many students face from social and economic issues.

I am very proud to support, and have our family involved in, a school system of such high
quality and integrity. Thank you for all you do in leading our young people to a bright future.

Jem Morris
Area Manager
Georgia Power Company