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Sound Off

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  • Sep. 12, 2018 - 10:53 PM

Sound Off

The Newnan Times-Herald

I can't help but scratch my head with both hands and wonder why Republicans are blaming Democrats for the Mueller probe when it's Trump’s own appointees doing jobs that they are sworn to uphold. 

Look at us here in prison. We have so much ink on us that you may think that we are a magazine. We didn’t have sense enough to think before we did the dumb stuff that we did to get in here. People, don’t be dumb like us. 

Even the president is not above suspicion. If he is innocent, he has nothing to fear. He has brought all this scrutiny upon himself because of his bizarre behavior and the people he has hired.

You may think that you have everything you need: new car, nice home, plenty of money. But, guess what? You are still just like the poor man that has nothing but God’s loving mercy. None of those material things will do you any good toward going to heaven. 

How many patriots would endeavor to begin every church worship service with the
pledge of allegiance and the national anthem? If you don't pledge and sing it at church and it's not disrespectful in absence there, how and why and is it even a thought at an NFL

Burt Reynolds – there won’t ever be another like him.

If you’re an American who suffers from a pre-existing medical condition or might develop one, you need to be clear about the reality if Republicans win in November: Republicans are coming for your health care. Health insurance at an affordable price — maybe at any price — will be gone in a matter of months.

Lovers of freedom, wake up! The liberal left is trying to destroy our country! They are teaching our young a false history, destroying our institutions,manipulating our media, and pushing a socialist agenda that would destroy us from within.

From now on, I’m only buying Nike shoes.

You feel so good to know if something happens, if you were in an accident or something and lost your life, you will know you will be with Jesus in heaven. 

We Southerners are a lot smarter than a certain New York trust fund baby might think.