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Sound Off

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  • Sep. 06, 2018 - 7:40 PM

Thank you, Sen. Isakson, for sticking up for us “dumb Southerners.”

No one can say what a conservative is anymore because of our president. If you are a conservative, write in and honestly describe the redeeming quality that you share with the Donald or the one that you would want your child to display as a grown-up. 

Killing people because you are afraid does not remove your fear, it enlarges your fear.

The Labor Day Arts Festival was amazing. I was so proud of how many people turned out for the event and it made my heart happy. I'm grateful for Jenny Jones for all the work she put in to bringing this to our downtown since we don't have Powers Crossroads any more.

The National Anthem has nothing to do with a football game. The football game has nothing to do with the flag. Playing songs before sports events has nothing to do with the sacrifices of our troops. The troops side with the players taking a knee because it is not disrespectful to them, the song or the flag. 

I am appalled by the partial destruction of the entry benches built by my dad and grandfather in the early ‘70s. My dad served as a firefighter for the City of Newnan for 34 years he was buried there in May of this year. Are you going to destroy the water tower next? 

Comic book fans, take a moment of silence to remember Marie Severin, who died Aug. 29. She helped bring us Spiderman, Thor and Ironman.