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Barker is credit to schools, county

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  • Sep. 07, 2018 - 7:06 AM

The citizens of Coweta County are so blessed to have Dr. Steve Barker as the Superintendent of the Coweta County School System.   

He has provided great leadership in many areas including handling of personnel issues, recruitment of qualified personnel, management of the funds available to the Coweta School System and most of all “Educating our Children.”

Dr Barker’s management of the Coweta County School System has resulted in our school system receiving very high rankings in many areas, versus most of the other school systems in the State of Georgia, such as: Coweta’s elementary, middle and high school students outperformed their peers in Georgia on their most recent State Milestone Assessments; rising high school graduation rates (5 percent higher than the state of Georgia’s); and, SAT scores that again topped national and state averages in 2017.

The great job he has done in managing our school system earned him the “2018 Superintendent of the Year Award,” which was presented by the Georgia School Superintendents Association.  

Dr Barker has provided the great leadership and achieved the recognition referred to earlier while maintaining an unquestionable level of honesty and integrity.   

On behalf of the citizens of Coweta County, I want to express our gratitude to Dr. Barker for a job well done.

Bob Coggin