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Sound Off

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  • Aug. 23, 2018 - 8:03 PM

So Ferguson was "required" to be in Washington during the town halls. There are ways to telecommute when it's physically impossible to be somewhere but your presence is requested. People do it every day.

We just can’t seem to run the government. Come together as one party and stop being divided. We all want what best for everyone.

This president will never do anything to protect our country against the Russians because he’s not a patriot and does not care about us.

The Tractor Pull in Turin was great! Wonderful, authentic small town fun.

MAGA – Does that stand for My Attorney’s Going Away, Morons Are Governing America or Mueller Ain’t Going Away?

Sorry to hear about Charlotte Rae passing away. She offered humor and wisdom on “The Facts of Life.”

As to if criminal charges can be brought against a sitting president, no one is above the law, and if you think different then you are just wrong. Lots of people have important and demanding jobs. Are we going to get into giving those people free passes on crime?

You can’t please everyone, no matter what you do.

What kind of President can't speak well enough to express his own ideas coherently so that every day is not another disaster that needs an explanation? 

If you never put that drug into your body, you won't become addicted to it. Just sayin’.