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Sound Off

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  • Aug. 07, 2018 - 8:42 PM

Sound Off

The Newnan Times-Herald

Thanks to all the churches, organizations and individuals who provided free school supplies. This was a godsend to many local families.

Right is right. If something is wrong, it’s wrong. Wrong will get and keep you in trouble. Do what’s right.

Is is just me, or does anyone else feel like the animals on the court square are having conversations when there are no people around?

There are people who want to continue to separate our country. My wish is that all these know-it-alls would just spend as much time trying to help repair our nation as they do to destroy it.

Pope Francis has proclaimed that capital punishment is always wrong. Hope his spirit of humanity, dignity and the sacredness of life spreads and flourishes.

We are on the verge of becoming a real banana republic with a dishonest billionaire at the head of government.

You have to have control in what you do. Parents must be in control of their children. You drive a car, you must be in control of that car. You got to be in control of what you are doing.

No surprise. A worker at a children’s shelter in Phoenix is charged with molestation. History will not treat our country well when the story is told of children snatched from their parents and then sent to a hellish holding facility.