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Sound off

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  • Aug. 03, 2018 - 1:02 AM

Sound off

The Newnan Times-Herald

I survived many years of presidents I did not vote for and I believe you owe the same courtesy to the one I did vote for.

The Obama administration wanted to condemn Russian meddling before the 2016 election, but Mitch McConnell blocked it.

Let’s ask the city to call for a referendum asking citizens to approve Sunday restaurant alcohol sales starting at 11 a.m. as opposed to 12:30 p.m. currently. The so-called “brunch bill,” Senate Bill 17, makes the vote possible. If approved by the citizens, council could amend the current ordinance. This can take place on Nov. 6.

When and where do the top powers of the world meet and not have reporters or advisors, staff or attorneys present? Only interpreters? How is the meeting verified? Who is taking notes?

Who in their right mind would agree with immigration unless it is done through our system? No one but a liberal looking for votes or an anti-Trump democrat. My wish is that all these know-it-alls would just spend as much time trying to help repair our nation as they do to destroy it.

If you can’t say something nice about out President, say nothing at all.

Fox News and more and more the NTH view all issues from a partisan slant. Every issue is not Democrat/Republican. Most of us want government "of the people, by the people" not "government, damn the people."

Which is more worse? A son-in-law who can't get a full FBI security clearance or a daughter who can't get the same clearance? Well, a president who can't tell the truth, keep his story straight and has a heap to hide is Worserer!

Yes, thank God for President Trump. You did not need this job. You could have lived a very comfortable life. But you decided to run because you saw America was about to be destroyed by anti-Christian, anti-freedom and anti-America left, keep up the good job. Make America Great Again.

How well is the Anthem, the Flag and the Troops playing out in the behavior of our

illustrious President abroad? How patriotic is he in representing America to the world?

Tell the truth. You would not want Donald J. Trump to speak on your behalf for any subject

imaginable, let alone as the Commander-In-Chief of our military. To thine own self be true.

No one is worth the amount of excuses being presented for the incompetence of our

current administration. Imagine Barack Obama being this controversial? And where is the justice and change sought after for the killing of unarmed Blacks by rogue police in protest?

Where Mr. President? Neither the anthem, the flag nor the troops can address that. Can you?

Is anybody going to make moves to stop this ongoing Russian cyber envasion? Can the majority party put aside petty party differences and deal with the fact that apparently our President has been compromised, co-opted and corrupted by Putin? It's not the end of the world that he did. But if we continue to ignore this dastardly deed it could end democracy as we know it.

Mueller has uncovered and indicted Russian hackers into DNA headquarters, which all Americans should care about, but Fox News is spinning it as somehow Democrat? Come on NTH will you support the people?

If you're not for us you are against us. Either you believe the FBI and the Intelligence Agencies  reports on Putin or you believe Putin and Trump that nothing funny is going on and the whole world is out of step and are not to believe our own eyes. I must see the Mueller report findings. Whatever it reveals, I will accept. Good or bad.