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Sound Off

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  • Aug. 30, 2018 - 7:38 PM

How does someone get to be proclaimed a "dog" by the President of the United States – holder of the most dignified office in the nation, voice of all the people, and bestower of our nation’s highest honors and awards?

A recent letter to the editor stated “Obama separated as many as 90,000 children at the border.” Untrue! Check your facts, sir. And calling people who disagree with you “so-called Americans?” Shame on you. Our American freedom allows us to disagree.

I’m an older white Southerner. Martin Luther King was a modern-day prophet.

Best wishes to gymnast Kiara Richmon and her coach, Cricket Shelnutt.

I negotiated the new micro-roundabout to turn left onto Hal Jones Road and even my compact SUV couldn't stay off where the concrete will go. An ordinary box van, let alone a full-sized 18-wheeler, simply won't be able to make that turn.

So 600 houses are going to be built on Poplar Road. Where is the traffic going to go? You can figure two to four cars per house – 1,200 to 2,400 cars on two-lane Poplar. What a nightmare! Also, who’s paying for that infrastructure? The developers will weasel out of it, leaving the taxpayers holding the bag. Vote NO, Commissioners, or lower the density. We don’t need that in Coweta.

Liberal-leaning individuals have freedom – freedom to think and act in ways that reflect their personal individuality and preference irrespective of party.

Mr. Ferguson, keep up the good work. I admire that you do not disclose everything so that it can be turned and twisted by the media. Thumbs up for going straight to the source to voice political agenda.

If God tells you not to do something, it’s for a good reason. Obey Jesus and live a long life.

What a refreshing Opinion page on 8/16/18. A special thank you to W.J. Butcher, Lucas Pepperdine, Alisia Houck Reynolds and Keith Crosby. I really enjoyed your letters.

As time goes on, I grow less amused with Ferguson and more and more interested in Chuck Enderlin. I'd like to see what a decorated Afghanistan vet with obvious integrity and common sense can do in Washington. Our current rep keeps missing the mark.

My sister from Norway just gave guardianship of her daughter to my other sister in Denver. Why? To get good healthcare. Norway has a government-run, single-payer system. It’s worthless.

If you don’t think we had non-citizens doing work Americans wouldn’t do in the 40s and 50s, you must not know about the Bracero Program, which brought Mexicans to this country to do agricultural work.

Some of the people and their children separated at the border aren’t illegal aliens but are instead asylum-seekers, as described by U.S. and international law. Border guards broke the law when they refused to process their asylum claims and processed them as illegal immigrants.

Parents have been complaining about the music their children like for generations. Get over it.

Someone told me that in response to the cyber attack on Coweta County's computer system, Trump responded by saying there was no collusion between him and Russia. Strange. Why would he say that?

State and county law enforcement have apparently abandoned enforcement of no parking on the Moreland I-85 ramps, as trucks are routinely lined up and parked along the travel lanes in the paved shoulder. Build a rest stop.

Trump may be a pragmatist, but he’s also an opportunist. Much of what he does is intended to help his businesses or those of his rich donors. Regarding the federal debt, the recent tax bill is exploding the deficit.

Hillary intended to put the coal people out of business. Looks like coal people put her out of business. Thank God for that, or we would be well on the road to socialism. That is a fact.

God so loved the world – that’s everybody, not just people like me.