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Sound Off

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  • Aug. 02, 2018 - 1:27 AM

Sound Off

The Newnan Times-Herald

We are not under attack from immigrants. Our nation's security is not threatened because there is no wall along our southern border. We are under attack because of an insecure, monomaniacal, immature, fellow who through no logic, rhyme or reason was elected POTUS.

Our president is misguided and our Congress puts political party loyalty over our country and the majority of its citizens' beliefs. This sets a dangerous precedent for outsiders witnessing the soul of America decay and rot from lack of morality, righteous judgement, decency and checks and balances prescribed by the constitution to insure life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Where are the diplomats?

The office of the presidency has always been dignified, diplomatic, and strong. Perhaps the undercurrent of American political culture has been leaning towards white supremacy but now since we have an obvious, onerous pig president, the hog trough is no longer in the barn yard but now sits prominently on the kitchen table.

Critics of liberal-leaning citizens do not know what the word means. Liberty is freedom to think and act independently. Local alleged conservatives supposedly are responsible, ethical and accountable, of which our president is none of the above. Yet conservatives have no constructive criticism for him but instead distract by pointing at and blaming others, ignoring their own faults, which, by the way a real conservative would know better.

The backwards looking and thinking regime of our president is picking up momentum in an effort to overturn a Supreme Court decision handed down over four decades ago. (Roe vs Wade). Full steam backwards to the past. May as well undo civil rights, Human rights, voting rights and any other progressive rights. A total lack of any forward thinking ideas from...(sigh) Republicans.

This Congress has no desire to check and balance our president despite a mountain of evidence that he "really doesn't care" for the rule of law nor dignity for the office he occupies. Congress is complicit in the misdeeds, abuses and tactics of obstruction by Donald J. Trump and needs to be replaced.

Who's minding the store?

Fiscally conservative. Ethically accountable.

Personally responsible. Value families. Rule of law. Due process. The Republican party is none of this. "Do as I say, not as I do" ought to be their mission statement. Finger point. Blame. Distract. Deflect. Obfuscate. Cheat. That's the plan. Who's watching?

Our national discourse has deteriorated into the hog trough of watch how absurd I can be. "Look at this!" Our President is showing us his behind and his Senate, House and Supreme Court is drawing a crowd for us to see "Greatness on Display?"

If you are being investigated by a special prosecutor assigned by both houses of Congress you do not get to appoint any judges anywhere until the results of the investigation are known and complete. We are dealing with a man alleged of high crimes and misdemeanors. Unstable.

It is entirely plausible treason has already be committed but not yet proven. So to confirm any nominated judge by such a person is dangerous, reckless, unwise and derelict of duty for United States senators. Until all the facts are known, no nominees can be heard. We waited over a year before the previous appointment as confirmed, why the big rush now? Obstruction and deflection of the law is clearly the reason.

It does not take a genius to see that our president has a selfish agenda that does not include the majority of Americans. Patriotic adult taxpayers can ill afford to sit back and wait for Republicans to police their own twisted party. Trump is no conservative. No republican. The Republican Party has been co-opted by a con man and since he's at the head of their ticket, party leaders are holding their respective noses and diving headlong into a "pile" as long as there is an R on it or a T. Y'all can't smell that?

The blaring yell coming from conservatives blaming liberals for the plethora of foreign goods lining our shelves is the result of Conservative American Companies lining their pockets the way capitalism is designed to do. Fleece the consumer is the nature of capitalists. Liberal-minded people have little to do with this phenomenon. It takes compromise to get things accomplished. Screaming, hollering, threatening and posturing only takes folk farther apart.

Claiming to be a conservative does not automatically make you correct.

Come! Look! See! What a marvelous job our majority brothers and sisters are doing with the power entrusted them by our electoral process. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

A majority white Congress is propping up a would be dictator of a president in the face of the most highly skilled and lauded special prosecutor available, appointed by both houses of Congress. Now, for purely political reasons Republican congressmen are attempting to circumvent Constitutional Law to save the hide of a man unfit to catch stray dogs. All while the investigation to expose Russian meddling in our political system goes unchecked.