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Sound Off

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  • Jul. 25, 2018 - 1:30 PM

Sound Off

The Newnan Times-Herald

I like the "hands free" law. But there are so many more distracted drivers on the road. This morning in 8 a.m. traffic, a woman next to me on Bullsboro Rd. was applying mascara as we rolled along. I got away from her quickly. Didn't want to get hit.

I appreciate Michael Velsmid's letter about Bill Cosby.  What Cosby did was wrong, but for a celebrity, rewards are great and so are punishments.

Far from “draining the swamp,” the Trump administration has installed the largest group of ethically-challenged and unqualified people that Washington has seen in a long time.

I am so tired of Jack Bernard. If you live anywhere around Atlanta you are familiar with Georgia State University. Proud school, but not because he has degrees from his there. He just loves to stir up trouble. We do not live in the dark ages nor do we believe in segregation. GSU is a fine school without your input of trying to make something out of nothing. AGAIN.

Make no mistake – the right to access abortion in this country is on the line. Trump promised to only appoint justices who will overturn Roe v. Wade and with the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, he has done just that.

You fight to do what’s right with your mind. You say, “Devil, Flee from me in the name of Jesus Christ.”

What is Trump going to give away to Putin at their meeting,to thank him for his help in his election and for the next one?We now know how his “art of the deal “works ,by watching how he gave “The rocket man”what he wanted and what did we get? A laugh from the rest of the world !

The Democrats are like little children. If they don't get their way, they have temper tantrums.

The GOP gubernatorial  candidates are lying all over themselves as to who loves guns the most. How dumb can their voters be?

Lying has become in vogue and is apparently profitable now, since we have a rogue as our president.

What’s the more reckless way for a parent to endanger a child, by trying to cross America’s border or by staying in a place where gangs have threatened to kill your family?

I bet many of the Republican lawmakers grilling the FBI agent over his emails hope their inmost thoughts about Donald Trump are never made public.

Glad to see Sheriff Yeager got that big promotion. I hope our next Coweta Sheriff will have a greater interest in serving the citizens.

Note; Right-Wing, Alt-Right, Conservative, Nazi, Fascist, White Supremacist, Republican and Christian Women also have Abortions!

God is in control. He will have the last word.

Far from “draining the swamp,” the Trump administration has installed the largest group of ethically-challenged and unqualified people that Washington has seen in a long time.

Thank you road department for mowing the grass/weeds on Hwy. 34.

Has anybody else noticed that most liberal solutions to any  problem only perpetuate the problem

Enough with the Trump jokes. It is getting boring. OAN is the best news around.

How is it that our president goes to Scotland and spends two days promoting his golf course on tax payer money?

Hey, I'm not voting for David Shafer, but don't send me anything in the mail that claims he has been "accused" of sexual harassment.  "Accused" is not "guilty," and it is shameful to send out messages like that.

I chuckled to read that the School Nutrition Division is going back to white flour biscuits so that the kids will eat them...Maybe we should rename the division "School Bad-Food-for-You Division" since the goal seems to be food that the kids will like, not what's good for them.  I'm wondering if they considered that the whole wheat flour biscuits were just not tasting good?

When it comes to our president, why do I always want to say, “Liar, liar, pants on fire?" He’s scary.

As to if criminal charges can be brought against a sitting president, no one is above the law and if you think different then you are just wrong. Lots of people have important and demanding jobs, are we going to get into giving these people free passes on crime?

Confident and aware, righteous people do not constantly make comparisons between themselves and others. Wise men take responsibility when things go badly but praise the team when things go well. This is a/k/a humility or a humble spirit. These are garments Trump does not own nor wear. His attire is greed, self promotion, blame somebody else and how do I make money on this? Incredibly most conservatives see through him but lack the integrity to make the obvious "Yer Out!" call. Therefore all that America represents is placed at risk because of weak knee cowardice and silence.

Imagine if there were only one type of art, tree, fish, bird, dog, flower, auto, boat, ant,

shoe. You get my drift? There really IS only One Race though. The Human race, and the diversities therein. Now imagine if there was only one race and each man, woman and child were identical. Imagine only one way of thinking? This is One Way thinking of the big conservatives that we "hear" from. Where are the other smaller silent voices?

I believe Trump, the “Great Negotiator,” just got out-witted. Not only that, but agreeing to halt US-South Korean military exercises was a surprise to the South Koreans AND the Pentagon. What did we get in return? Nothing – no timelines for denuclearization, nothing.

The bizarre behavior of our Commander In Chief and his inability to govern more than 25% of the American people is perilous.  He cannot tell the truth without obfuscation, deflection or distraction, which places our nation's security in extreme jeopardy, because Congress is too chicken to just say, "No Mr. President."

The only thing our President ever

felt sorry about and apologized for was: being seen and heard saying He could grab

women's privates and, "They just let you do anything." He's always wanted to be at the

top in his field. He's worked hard and certainly earned this title. He IS the undefeated

undisputed, heavyweight, Champion fabricator and still...without a single doubt...

Worst President ever in the history of America, Hands down!

Our President has really shown how much he loves America, the Flag, the Anthem and the Troops by the way he doggs foreigners, calls people names, cat calls, "Get  'em out", and treats children like trash. But when somebody he likes is mistreated he whines, takes his ball and runs to Ivannka.

We’ve got to put people to work, if we want to cut the crime rate way down. We hope to stop it completely. Man, it would be good to have a crime free city.

Now comes more "Sly Statements". It's now the Democrats fault that an Immigration bill

can't pass the Senate. Democrats allegedly won't work with Republicans. If you can't get your bill passed and you are in the majority it's not the fault of the minority. You, as the GOP majority must take responsibility and step across the aisle and ask for help, please. Please is the operative word. Conservatives have fabricated and applied so much spin to issues large and small, that they just can't think straight nor see truth even when its standing in the front row. Swallow your pride and do what's righteous and not what's just to the right. Compromise.

Where is legislation being considered to strip the right to bear arms away? Do we need one more Ya-Hoo as Georgia Governor to prove that the losers still don't accept the Union victory?