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Nation at the Fork in Road

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  • Jul. 05, 2018 - 7:50 AM

I would like to think that we are at a crossroads as a nation but a crossroad offers four options: move forward, turn left, turn right or make a U-Turn

Instead we have arrived at the proverbial fork in the road. Yogi Berra said, "If you come to the fork in the road, take it!" The choice we take today is not to the left fork nor to the right fork but to blaze a new fork. 

Blazing a trail arcing toward righteousness instead of devoted political loyalty. "America First?" Indeed! People before party. We are each other. Our needs are virtually identical.

Clearly America is revealing her bigot colors more and more as each day passes. Apparently in order for America to become great again, the few in number set the agenda for the majority. Name calling, foul language, race-baiting, disparaging remarks and attacking anyone who does not agree with me, today gives one the 'right' to act in the most deplorable manner available.

That is greatness? Accountability has deteriorated into the second amendment right of fear mongering. "Just let me get to my weapon. Now I'm brave!" Guns have become the answer to few and causes lots of other problems; in school, at church, at work, in the club, in Georgia's gubernatorial  race, on our roads, newspapers and even at funerals. Our national elected leader has chosen not to lead and has instead taken the U-Turn in a effort to return to the long gone Southern comfort days of racial discrimination. Back to the days where there was no discourse, diplomacy or dialogue; only discussions and of course, unjust laws.

You discuss your issues. I discuss mine. They discuss theirs. Nobody listens. Where is the hearing if everyone is a blabber mouth? We need to make steps ahead, not steps back to familiar societal wrongs; not stepping back in the "easy comfort lie" of misunderstanding. "I didn't know nor do I recall or I just don't understand."

Progress demands truth.  Truth requires progressive policies that encompass the whole.

America is still the model of decency and opportunity in this world. We must not allow the few to drag us backwards into a regressive way of thinking. We have a responsibility to be audacious in our thought, word and deed; looking responsibly for ways to agree instead of using the excuse that we are all different and therefore that is a reason to be belligerent, ill mannered, ill tempered, mean, disagreeable, rude, hostile and of course... I know I'm right.

The compassionate souls among us should strive each day to start a path leaning toward righteousness, not seeking to just be right.. Stretching on a path to acknowledge your fellow man; to appreciate his presence, to reach an acceptance of his God given imperfections, minute differences and to know that at the critical hour when, before America is threatened; we need to be intentionally of One Accord, of One heart, of One United State. Indivisible with Liberty.

That path makes a trail. That trail makes a road. That road leads to a highway. And everybody knows that there is a Highway to Heaven. And  even though it's narrow, that highway is wide enough for the whole world. We can have Heaven here on Earth. We could and we should.

Al Smith