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Coweta Water reaching out to Grantville

  • By Sarah Fay Campbell
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  • Jul. 12, 2018 - 1:18 AM

Officials with the Coweta Water and Sewerage Authority want to help the city of Grantville with its wasted water problem.

Grantville operates a water distribution system, but purchases all of its water from the authority.

A survey conducted from Nov. 21, 2017 to April 30 of this year found that only 61 percent of the water the city bought from the authority was billed to customers.

The rest, 39 percent, is unaccounted for water or “non revenue” water. Leaks and faulty meters are some reasons water can be unaccounted for.

The story of Grantville’s water problems ran in Wednesday’s Newnan Times-Herald, and the authority board met in regular session that morning.

Authority Vice Chairman Tim Higgins talked about the issue at the end of the meeting, addressing Authority CEO Jay Boren.

Over the past several years, the authority has made great strides in reducing unaccounted for water.

“I would like Jay to reach out to the city and offer them assistance,” Higgins said.

While Grantville’s 39 percent unaccounted for water is bad, the authority’s used to be even worse.

When Boren first came to the authority, as CFO, unaccounted for water was around 45 percent, he said.

“We put some programs in place that we’ve had great success with,” Boren said.

Currently, the authority’s unaccounted for water is around 8 percent.

A major part of the authority’s problems about 12 years ago was faulty blue polyethylene pipe, that was very prone to leaks. The authority issued millions in bonds to remove all the faulty “blue poly” in the system and replace it with copper.

“The leak detection program… is probably one of the biggest things that has helped us,” said COO Rick Jones. “Meters are another. More things are being metered and there is more record keeping.”

Other initiatives included a leak detection program and upgrades to the water meters.