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Cosby victim of high tech lynching

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  • Jul. 05, 2018 - 7:51 AM

America’s Dad’s “high-tech lynching” added another notch in the gun of the Left.

Gloria Allred, the former poster-girl of the DNC  “got her man.”

Bill Cosby made the fatal mistake of espousing conservative values to the African-American community. How dare he! “String him up.”

Whether he is eventually judged guilty or innocent on appeal is moot. He is done in the court of public opinion.

No more standing ovations for Cosby at the Academy like Left-leaning, fugitive, child rapist Roman Polanski; living large on the lam in France.

Regardless of his accomplishments, “Dad” is blacklisted – no pun intended – by those “Progressives” who know what is best for the African-American community.

Cosby unforgivably ate of the conservative forbidden fruit just like Clarence Thomas, Alveda King, Allen West, Mia Love, J.C. Watts, Omarosa, Herman Cain, Ben Carson, Sheriff David Clark, Diamond & Silk and now Kanye West. Blue continues to turn Red.

Michael Velsmid

Peachtree City