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Bring back American products and jobs

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  • Jul. 11, 2018 - 10:39 PM

I am sick of all the liberal hype complaining about Pres. Trump’s import tariffs and bringing back American jobs.

If you gave liberals a $1,000 a day they would complain about having to spend it. I, for one, am tired of going to stores and buying a shirt trying it on and the sleeves come to the elbows.

I wear boots all the time , I have to search even among American names to find one in 100 that say made in the USA.

I have tools that are 50 years old and still doing fine – made in the USA . Go to a store and try to find something in the tool department not made in China . You look for an old American brand thinking you will get American quality – not– and read the label, “Made in China.”

Talk about fairness. That would be having a choice between USA and China on the label, the products being side by side for you to choose.

In most cases, though, the sellers do not even have a choice on buying American made to sell. It is buy Chinese or do without.

Yes, I am an old man and remember when America was for Americans . I also recall buying products that supplied Americans with jobs, from the manufacturer to the distributor to the seller – and you knew at a glance where it was made.

Go try and buy something now that last beyond one time use, tools in particular . We have become a throw away society. Use  it once throw it away . This younger generation does not even know quality. How sad.

Yes, bring back the old days. Bring back quality. Bring back American jobs. Bring back pride in workmanship . Bring back our money.

I had a fellow say we can not afford American made. Bull. If Americans had the jobs, they could afford it.

Winnon Gilley