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Sound Off

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  • Jun. 21, 2018 - 11:43 PM

Sound Off

The Newnan Times-Herald

Separating parents and children – just because we can. A sad day for America.

I would like to thank EMC and Charter Cable for an outstanding job of restoring electricity and cable services in the Joe Jennings Sub District, off Highway 34, so quickly after the recent storm.

You never know when something may come – a bad storm, a tornado, a hurricane. So we need to be ready at all times.

Love the new art downtown. Colorful, creative, fun.

Gun nuts seem to have very little common sense. Irrespective of party, the only person who needs a military style assault weapon is a military combatant. If you crave, demand or just must have that type gun, join the armed forces and fight for America.

Coweta in the summertime. Kids at the pool. Grilling out. Good times.

U.S. House Republicans must swallow their pride and confront President Trump on all the dirt that he is admitting to AND to the muck that the Special Counsel is unearthing that the President is clearly failing to conceal. Our Union hangs in the balance. Trump is putting us all at risk for his personal gain.

When small local papers that used to stand for truth now pay political cartoonists and news organizations to spew their biased lies, it’s not just scary, but a very sad time for us. I pray to God daily for this nation of ours for the devil is having a heyday.

Thank God for Laura Bush for speaking up for those poor children.

Shame on Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, the NTH editors and all Republicans who ought to be outraged by the lack of high security clearances by prominent minions in the White House. Why is this being tolerated? This jeopardizes our nation's security.

Every word you say affects your way of life. Words can kill and destroy. Be careful about what you say and what you talk about.

Liberals need to start reading the Upfront News Briefs! “Spain gov. poised to fall, Socialist set to take over.” Is this what you are hoping for in America?

Be good to each other and love everyone, even love those that hate you. Jesus to said love everyone.

Every known reputable intelligence source, agency, or organization on the planet agree that there was interference by Russia into the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign. Everyone that is except Donald J. Trump and Vladimir Putin. Hmmmm? What a coincidence!?

Consider this: Many of the "illegal" immigrant families being separated are of Native American origin. Go figure!

In one week Trump has presided over two summits that will be studied for decades as the worst examples of presidential diplomacy: how to betray allies and cave to adversaries.

Pay it forward. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and families of the children who will be injured and killed in the next school shooting by a mentally Ill person using assault-style weapon.

Republicans howl that a woman's right to choose is theirs not hers. But oddly refuse to see an immigrant mother's God-given right to mother her own child in a foreign land. Selective blindness by "Trumpservatives" are threatening America's Freedom, Democracy, Security and Liberty.

When Syria crossed Obama’s “red line” over chemical weapons, Obama asked Congress – as he should have – for permission to attack their military. Congress refused.

To the person who wrote in, “Thank God for Donald Trump,” I say, “God help us from Donald Trump.”

Only criminals break laws. We still need speed limit laws, and they don't stop all speed-related traffic deaths. Outlawing assault rifles won't stop all mentally ill persons from killing, but if only one life is saved as a result of a ban, it's worth it. Especially if the child is yours.

Nothing seems to hurt so much until it’s time to pay for your debt. There is a price to be paid for everything we do and say in life. It’s called consequences.

For this paper to run a Star Tribune political cartoon showing Jeff Sessions atop a cage of children is despicable and fake. All those pictures and lies coming from mainstream media of kids put in cages at the borders were pictures from 2014.

A poll has 70-75 percent of Christians are backing Donald Trump. That leaves 25-30 percent are not. Which group is right?

Why can’t the government work together and stop the fight? What is going on in Washington D.C.?

If you think the Newnan Times-Herald is “liberal-leaning,” you must live in a far-right bubble.

Don’t put people you think are so famous before God. People can’t get you to heaven. They can’t save you. They are just people.

Anybody remember "Ready to govern from day one?” It is undoubtedly clear President 45 was not ready from Day One and – given present performance – will never, ever be ready to govern.

You pay for sin in some way. When bad things happen to you, you are paying for something wrong you’ve done in life.

As the debate rages on about ownership of assault weapons, do you know the difference of ignorance and stupidity?  Ignorance is a lack of knowledge. Stupidity is the inability to learn. Is it that we don't know or that we can't learn? Must more children die to save the NRA?

Come on road department!! Weeds/grass on Hwy 34 east are 2 feet high. Also on 34 bypass westbound from Hwy 29! Shame on the department! When the prisoners did it, it looked much better. Get rid of these people. They are wasting our money!

A recent letter writer stated that the Constitution should be left alone. If that had happened, we would still have slavery (13th Amendment), women couldn’t vote (19th Amendment), you could have your house searched any time by police (4th) and be thrown in jail without a trial (6th), have to pay a tax to vote (24th), and countless others. The writers of the Constitution MEANT for it to be a changeable, flexible, governing document as the needs of our country’s population have evolved.

The perpetually angry Democrats ranting about kids taken away from “families” is the same group saying it’s OK to take the very young away from their moms via abortion. At least the “illegal alien” policy keeps kids healthy, more than can be said about abortion.

For the NFL to impose a "must stand or don't show your face" policy for the flag and playing of the anthem is contrary to the very rights the owners themselves are taking. Does anybody care and Is anybody going to step up for the rights of unarmed men of Color being brutalized at the hands of Rogue Police? The kneeling is in protest to social injustice.

Before the Civil Rights Act passed in 1968 it was virtually illegal be be a member of the Negro race. Negros literally could be arrested, fined, convicted and hung purely and simply for being the way God made them. Then and even today any breed of animal has rights that Black people still struggle after.

Caucasian-style illegal immigrants would never be rounded up, separated from their children and imprisoned en mass in detention centers because of policy. This act is a human rights atrocity and would not be allowed treatment on dogs, Heaven forbid on any child. Republican sisters speak up, because GOP men are scared stiff of President 45.