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Sound Off

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  • Jun. 05, 2018 - 11:52 PM

Sound Off

The Newnan Times-Herald

What do we have to do to get the grass cut out on Hwy 34? Such a shame!

Watching the changes in this paper and our community in the past five years is a very scary thing. Every time I’m about to quit this liberal leaning paper, Alex McCrae, Toby Nix, Miss Pearl, Lawrence Reed and WJ Butcher change my mind… for the moment.

The NRA was the first civil rights organization back in the 1800s and still going strong with over 6 million members.

What do you call someone married three times, cheated on all three wives, calls everybody that doesn’t agree with him names, is vindictive, knows zero about his job and thinks the law is there just to protect him from his dirty dealings?

Next time a hate group wants a permit for a rally at Greenville Street Park, the fee should be at least $50,000. This would help with the cost of public safety personnel and possibly deter these hate groups. I hope the city council has learned a valuable lesson.

We have noticed a continuing problem with trash and other eyesores – destroyed guard rails from car accidents that have not been addressed by the city. When an accident happens, the city is reluctant to clean the mess and the residual sits there for months.

You know there is no high like a natural high. The way God made you.

I congratulate Dr. Barker and the Board of Education for giving the school bus drivers a much-needed raise. These drivers go above and beyond to protect their students. But please, please don’t forget the bus driver’s assistants and monitors. They work very hard, too!

Vietnam Day: Thanks from all of us who lived in hell over there. Thanks to the ones who made it home. Thanks to the ones who gave all for a country who sold us out in protests. Almost 60,000 did not come home, over 400,000 wounded. Now over 300,000 have a death sentence because of Agent Orange. This is what happened to all the men sent to VietNam. I made it home 50 years ago to a country with a disgraced bunch of pothead hippies –  now it’s worse with protesting making our country worse than then.

Dear Ken Shafer: While I appreciate the history lesson, I find it lacking the reality test. Do you honestly believe a militia of like-minded, assault rifle-armed citizens can hold off today’s military? One armed drone, tank, rocket launcher and you’d be toast. I agree citizens should be allowed to possess hunting rifles, shotguns, handguns but assault style rifles are not needed.

I hope the political heads are happy now. They wanted Newnan to be like Atlanta. 

To the person who said only fools voted for Trump: Wrong. I voted for Mr. Trump and I am no fool. Thank God for all he has done in his first year. He has restored America’s credibility on the world stage that Obama squandered. He will take care of Syria and chemical weapons. Remember the red line?

To the school board: How will the loss of funding from senior exemptions compare with the loss of the next ESPLOST? We seniors do vote you know, and I for one do not forget.

Jack Bernard: You are not a fiscally conservative Republican. You never have been. You are a liberal Clinton supporter.