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Seven rules can police can use

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  • Jun. 05, 2018 - 11:54 PM

Most of us have seen videos of police appearing to use excessive force on citizens who appear to be resisting arrest.

I was a police training officer for six years with a large, Atlanta metro police department. The following rules I used to help keep rookie officers out of trouble:

#1. Don't let your mouth get your a-- in trouble.

#2. He who remains silent wins in the end.

#3. He who loses his temper has lost half the battle.

#4. He who loses his balance has lost the other half.

#5. When in doubt, write a report.

#6. When really in doubt, DON'T DO A DAMN THING.

#7. When all else fails, revert back to rule #1.

I am 78 years of age, retired since 1996, and none of those I trained, to the best of my knowledge, have ever been suspended or fired for excessive force.

My nephew joined the Springfield, Oregon police force a few years ago and I asked him if he remembers my seven rules. He said he does, and has the rules taped to his briefcase.

God bless this country and those who serve.

C.E. Thacker