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Northgate track needs $60K more work

  • By Rebecca Leftwich
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  • Jun. 14, 2018 - 9:16 PM

Northgate track needs $60K more work

Photo by Chris Goltermann/CowetaScore

Unexpected deterioration of the asphalt base of Northgate High School’s track will require more than $60,000 to repair.

Members of the Coweta County Board of Education on Tuesday agreed to spend more than $60,000 to repair the asphalt base of Northgate High School’s track.

The board approved a change order for $60,655 after workers – who were preparing the track for resurfacing – discovered the base asphalt material had deteriorated. Superintendent Steve Barker recommended approval of the change, saying the manufacturer can’t guarantee adhesion of the new track surface if the condition is not corrected.

“You have that information from both the company performing the asphalt work and Deluxe Athletics, who is overseeing the project,” Barker said, referring to supporting documents for the meeting’s agenda. “We had our architects, engineer, (Director of Facilities Ronnie) Cheek and representatives from the company who would warranty the surface meet and review this on-site, and it’s going to be necessary for that track to be in top condition.”

Track renovations at Northgate were part of a sweeping and long-awaited overhaul of the stadiums at all three of Coweta County’s public high schools, which also includes the installation of synthetic turf on each of the schools’ football fields.

The entire project at Northgate – site items like rough grading, relocating irrigation lines and other utilities, track demolition and renovation, turf field installation and ancillary items such as a sound system for Henry Seldon Field, sidewalks, power outlets and electrical work – was approved at a cost of around $1.4 million, funded by SPLOST.

Track renovations at Northgate, including demolition, base materials and asphalt, track surface and other on-site work including soil remediation, accounted for $274,000 of that amount. The total cost of the three-school field renovation is around $5.4 million, which included a $35,000 allowance for unforeseen expenses such as repairing the deteriorated asphalt at Northgate.

Corrective action will require milling 1.5 inches of the existing asphalt and replacing it with new asphalt, according to the change order proposal.

During discussion, board member Linda Menk asked about the change order amount.

“Is this in addition to the total cost of roughly $5.4-plus million for all the track and the artificial turf that came up for a vote in April?” Menk asked.

“It is with the exception that we had a $35,000 allowance for unforeseen conditions,” Cheek said. “We’re applying that toward the change order. The change to the contract is $25,655, taking that allowance into consideration.”

“But I thought you said it was $60,000 and some-odd dollars,” Menk said.

“You have a supporting document there in your material,” Barker said, after Cheek explained that $60,655 was the cost of the actual work.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t download it, so I’m sorry,” Menk said, and Barker requested that the document be displayed on the projector.

“The document shows a $60,655 change order and a $35,000 allowance,” Barker said. “The final price with the allowance, the adjusted contract – that’s a $25,655 addition.”

The board voted 6-1, with Menk opposing, to approve the change order.