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Thankful for Coweta County Rec. Department

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  • May. 11, 2018 - 5:40 AM

I want to thank Coweta County Rec. Dept. for all they do for senior citizens. The lunches at the fairgrounds mean a lot to all of us, especially the ones who rarely get to see old friends. I really feel like Coweta County cares for its senior population.

The lunch they provide  is always a happy time for us. Getting a hug from a dear friend we seldom see ust makes my day better.

At our age, we never know who will be missing the next luncheon we attend. There are 7 seniors at each table. Our table consisted of 5 seniors who had been very ill this past year.  I was one of the two lucky persons.

Bill McKenzie and crew do a wonderful job preparing and serving this lunch, and I really feel fortunate and protected living in Coweta County.  

Thanks to all  who make this luncheon possible. Today's lunch was a huge success!

Bernice Bounds