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Stop Ticky-Tackyville development

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  • May. 11, 2018 - 5:38 AM

In 1961 a protest song about tract housing was written.

This song applies today to the proposed development on Poplar Road and Yeager Road. Some of the words went like this: “Little boxes on the hillside, Little boxes made of ticky-tacky. Little boxes on the hillside, And they all looked just the same. Ticky-tacky.”

Google it if you don’t know what that word means.

Tract housing, to put it clear and simple, is ugly. Sadly these structures are merely low-quality built houses placed 10 feet apart where one can hear their neighbors’ toilet flush. They are horizontal infernos just waiting to happen. Land will be clear-cut and a three foot tall stick they call a “tree” planted in front of each house. I would hardly consider this replenishing a forest.

I live on a street which butts up to this proposed monstrosity. Our street is quiet, ecologically balanced and sound, with ponds, wildlife and birds including ducks and Canada geese. Trees are a very important part of our area, not only for being a sound barrier and providing shade, but for their beauty as well.

I do not want to have these serene surroundings upset in any fashion. If this “Ticky-Tackyville” is allowed to proceed, it is only proof that money talks.

None of the parties involved, including realtors, will be affected in any fashion by the aftermath such a project, with the exception of money lining their pockets. Almost 600 houses on 223 acres? Are you kidding? Do you really think that after years of enjoying our beautiful, peaceful neighborhood our quality of life would be enriched from looking at such an eyesore?

There will be the unsightly view of backyards where overflowing garbage cans, strewn toys, rusty BBQ grills and unkempt lawns are the norm. Besides being an eyesore, there will be the severe problems of increased crime and obnoxious noise pollution, not to mention the unbearable amount of increased traffic on already burdened Poplar Road.

Is this something you would admire looking at in your backyard? I highly doubt it. If I were on the city council I would be so embarrassed to admit that I had voted “yes” on the approval of this ugliness. If “Ticky-Tackyville” is approved and built, Newnan will have to change its motto to “Newnan the Treeless City of Homes.”

Stop this disaster now.

Merry Arace