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Sound Off

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  • May. 30, 2018 - 7:29 AM

Sound Off

The Newnan Times-Herald

I don’t think schools should be allowed to have parents or students to bring food to be shared with other students that is not purchased from stores and it should be wrapped, not cooked at home.

I guess feminism is why transgender is all the rage now and abortion even more popular among the left. God help us!

Nazis are not white supremacists. A letter-writer identified the Nazi rally demonstrators. They are conservative. Finally someone, anyone has defined the conservatives. They are Nazi sympathizers.

The prevalent opinion about gun violence is “guns don't kill people,people kill people. Do something about them.” Well, “penises don't rape people, people with penises rape. Do something about them.” Logic, isn't it?

Since many of our state representatives don’t want Georgians treated for cancer by CTCA I suggest that CTCA refuse to treat those lawmakers and their families for cancer now and forever.

Why do people want to be held in bondage most of their lives?

Auto accidents: The No. 1 killer of teenagers. Ban automobiles. That will solve the problem. NOT.

If you don’t think your child can be brainwashed, think again. I lost family members in college. Went in normal, came out nuts.They all teach school in inner-city middle schools. What do they teach? Hate.  

Michael Velsmid did a fabulous job with his "letter to editor" on school shootings. All the “do nothing crowd” always have alibis and excuses and point their sorry fingers at others and – in process – try to undermine our constitutional rights. With the Democrat/Obama open borders and influx of criminals and morons into this country, you can expect violence to continue.

Cheers for Lawrence Reed's "Home School Heroes.” Thank you so much for great information on our homeschool families. And cheers for all the dedicated families who give sacrificially to train their children at home. I especially appreciate the information that homeschooling saves taxpayers at least $25 billion annually.

The devil will tempt you to do wrong. When you are trying to do right, you have to be strong in the Lord so you can overcome the devil.

What good does remembering the Sam Hose lynching do? Nothing. How many flowers have these people placed on the graves of our servicemen who died for our freedom and police officers slaughtered protecting us? None.

If the National Socialists are a large part of the Republicans, what about BLM and all the other hate groups that are liberals?