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Sound Off

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  • May. 24, 2018 - 12:40 AM

If stores can’t adapt, they deserve to go out of business. Shoppers like Amazon’s business model. If you want to “level the playing field,” eliminate taxes – don’t add more to consumers.

Can anyone tell me why there are two Baptist churches one block of each other in downtown Newnan? Where I came from, we had a First Baptist and a Second Baptist, but they were two miles apart.

Guns, guns! Guns don’t “jump up” and shoot people. Do something about the people holding the guns and you won’t have a problem.

I’m voting for Emma Gonzales for president – when she’s old enough!

There is so much trash music going around poisoning the minds of children. That’s one of the biggest reasons why so many children are out of control.

The letter-writer who wants all teachers to have guns and be trained – that was a joke, right?

Thank God for Pres. Trump.

Continuing to do wrong knowingly will only lead to more wrong and sadness. Happiness is being filled with something good.