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No changes needed to Constitution

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  • May. 16, 2018 - 5:26 AM

A well-written letter was recently in the local paper, penned by an OLE friend, about guns and when the 2nd amendment was written. I'm sure was well intended, but, If I remember correctly the 1st and 4th amendments were written about that same time.  

Communication methods have changed just as firearms have. Computers, phones, Twitter, recording devices, and much more, which according to his letter, as I understand his reasoning, would require changes to the two aforementioned amendments, also.

Laws by the hundreds relative to gun control have existed for years, yet people still kill people.  The numbers killed by guns is dwarfed by several other seldom mentioned methods of killing.

To my knowledge no NRA member has ever murdered anyone, tho' it probably has happened somewhere sometime.  Background checks can be improved, but we now have too many useless infringements, costly carrying permits for one.

In 1956 ArmaLite designed a lightweight semi automatic rifle for the Military, calling it an AR 15.  Several reasons caused the design and trademark to be sold to Colt. Colt made the Colt AR 15 for the military. The patent expired in 1977 and many companies began making an AR 15.  

Many semi-automatic rifles function the same as the AR 15, they just look different, and do not kill unless activated by a person.  Millions of harmless AR 15's exist causing no problem 'til some deranged or possibly illegal owner acts. He can do the same killing with many other type guns.  

In most every shooting incident some existing law is broken proving that laws do not stop a killer.

Once we begin adding to or changing the brilliant works of the Founding Fathers an open bag of worms would result.  I have yet to read or hear a spoken word which can in any way make my simple mind want to see a Constitutional Convention or anything whatever to amend, alter, or ignore our Constitution as written and later explained by the Federalist Papers.  

Most of America's true history is not being taught anymore, monuments being torn down, street names changed, all because of someone's feelings.  

Where are we headed and where will we end up?   What happened to self-reliance, self-responsibility, and common sense?  

Keith Crosby